Doesn't hurt to ask

Hello! New here! My list:

1. Paid Livejournal account. At least a month.

2. Star Ocean 2 fanfiction. There's just not enough of it. Gabriel/Lucifer fics are the most desired, but I also enjoy Claude/Ashton, Dias/Noel, Claude/Dias, Gabriel/Zadkiel, Lucifer/Zadkiel, Gabriel/Lucifer/Zadkiel and Claude/Dias/Ashton.

3. Weiss/Nero(Dirge of Cerberus) fanfiction. Not enough of that either.

4. Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic. This month is actually YGO's 10th anniversay, so it's fitting to have some more fanfic of this wonderful series. Favorite pairings are: Seto/Alister, Alister/Valon, and Yami/Yugi.

5. Amazon Gift Cards.

6. Kingdom Hearts fanfiction featuring Axel/Demyx or Axel/Demyx/Roxas.

7. Ebay Gift Certificates

8. I like candy, perfume(especially Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab), teas, coffee, video games, spices, and wax melts. So, any virtual gift card that carries these things would be very nice.

9. Star Ocean: First Departure/Fantastic Voyage fanfiction about Jie Revorse.

10. Anything on This list!

Email is here, if needed:
How about Yugioh icons? Or banners? :3 I don't think I could do a fanfic justice since it's been YEARS since I've watched anything.
Your username looks so familiar...I feel like I know you from somewhere but I cannot put my finger on it.

Regardless, I'll try and write you something from either Yu-Gi-Oh or Kingdom Hearts. :D You like most of my favorite pairings so I'll give it a shot for ya. ♥
Any pairing not listed and I'm none too keen on rape or anything too extreme.