My Holiday_Wishes post!

((Dad Notes: bboa (Big Bertha's Outrageous Adventures) is my blog written from my Service Dog's point of view- If you find that amusing, read on, and certainly feel free to friend her! If you're annoyed by that, just sloooop on past, no offense taken!))

Oh my Gawsh, oh my Gawsh... it are time for that shiny aluminum tree, and all the pretty things on it, and the blinky lights on my porch and CANDY CANES!!!

I has a weakness for peppermint, you knows.

I do!

Every year, Dad makes sure there are presents for me under the tree, and sometimes, they come from awesome people who read my blog, ALL OVER DA WORLD!

Last year was Awesome and Amazing, and Dad sez I should Make A List... and he will be checkin it twice.

I dunno why tho.

He can't remember it if he only reads it once?

Oh wells, I loves him anyway, so here goes!

1) I loves me my TREATS!
I can't have rawhide or bones, (Teh Sad!!) but I can have Greenies, and "Edible chews" like nylabones edibles, or "Dental Chews" that are edible. I can have little 'real parts' treats like dried lung chips or piggy ears, piggy snouts or my FAVOURITE EVAR, "Texas Toothpicks" which are the tips of beef tails! OH how I loves those!

2) I loves toys I can FLOG with!
I don't tear up my toys, so I can have any fabric toy as long as any features are sewn-in- no button eyes for me! Plastic eyes and noses are dangerous, Dad says. (SIGH) But if it is sewn-on, I can have it!! (YAY!!) I Especially love toys that have long legs or other super-floppy parts, so I can play my favourite game "flogga flogga" ... this involves holding the toy in my mouwf, and waving my head ALL OVER so that the toy FLOGS EEEEEVERYONE! YAY! Flogga-flogga-flogga!

3) I love Bandannas!
Everywhere I go, people see that I am a Rottweiler, and some of them are intimidated by that. I wear a fresh clean bandanna every day when I work, because it makes me more personable at first glance! People will giggle or smile if I wear very silly ones, or ones appropriate to the holiday at hand. I wear the regular people-kind of bandanna, folded once in half into a triangle- you don't haveta buy doggie ones at all! I get a lot of mine at Walmart! I always always ALWAYS love my bandannas! They make me very happy, and every day I get my cape on to go to work, I go to the Bandanna drawer too,
and expect Dad to put a different one on me!

4) I like fleece blankies!
For my bed, they buy me those little fleecy blankies you can get super-cheaply. I love them very much, and sometimes, I even play FLOG with them! I like bright colours and silly patterns, because you know. I am a GIRL dawg, and we girl dawgs love to have bright and pretty things to wave around before she climbs atop them and gets her beauty sleep! If Dad would let me, I would have a /mountain/ of fleecy blankies!!

5) I love the MOVIES!
Oh, you think I am kidding, doncha... but of all the things I ever-Ever-EVER do for Dad, is that I go with him to the MOVIES! I lay down at his feet, and I keep a close eye on him. See, a movie can contain things which could give Dad a siezure. (and that would be scary and bad!) so if I smell that about to happen, I grab his hand, and poke his medicine container on his belt! Dad takes his medicine, and then he does not have a siezure! Yay!!! ...but I love to /watch/ the movie too!! I lay there, and I watch through the railing- I watch the screen, I watch all the action! -and AFTER the movie, Dad lets me have a reward- my own bites of popcorn!! YUMMY... It is the bestest time EVER. So if you have spare free movie tickets, or coupons for discounts on them, I would be SOOOOooo happy to get them! It is a human thing, but it is the thing I love to do best of all, too. (We have a Regal movie theatre here, and a Lowes, plus some other ones further away, that we sometimes visit.)

Dad said TEN things, but I don't need TEN things! HUMmmm...


6) For peoples to help Rescue Rotties!
People like Dad can choose to buy a puppy, or buy an adult dog from a breeder, or they can choose to RESCUE! did you know that YOU can Rescue a Rottie TOO?? Dad has had two Service Dogs in his lifetime, and both of us were young dogs at Rottie Rescues! We both went from a sad life, to a very very happy one! Some people think rescues make /better/ dogs, because we understand that life is not fair, and we really really appreciate it when we can suddenly be right with our human(s) all the time! We pay close attention to our jobs, which is all a Rottie ever wants in life anyway! We're workin' dogs by nature! If you can, drop a bag of dogfood off to help Rescue dogs, especially us Rotties, who get a bad rap sometimes- not ALL of us are bad, you know... and you never know. It might be a Rottie who saves YOUR life someday!

I hope that everyone has a GREAT holiday! (full of yummy yummy foods, and LOTS of peppermint treats!)
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Dear Bertha, I think you are great! So is your Dad. I would love to send you a bandana, and maybe a toy and treats. I live in Russia, what's your address?
My 'Daddy' had a Rottie too, and I loved him so much.

It might be a little late, but I'm going to see if I can spare a few $$$ and get you some piggie ears!
Rescue a Rotty~ DONE

Years ago, but still! It counts, right!

We have a big Rot and Chow mi, who is a big baby! His name is Bear.

This list makes me so happy I cried XD
Oh that makes ME happy toooo!!! I love love love hearing how other people have found a friend in a Rottie! I have so many friends at the rescue who have not found a forever home yet, it is HAPPY when one does!!
They are much like Pit Bulls, no one understands they can be just as cuddly as any other dog ;-;

BOTH of our dogs were rescued, too. Both had to have big surgery after Dad found them, and our little mutt almost died on the table, but now they are HAPPY and relatively healthy (I say that because they love love to eat all the time) :D
I remember your list from last year, and it made me smile then, too! :)

Hope you and your "dad" have a great holiday season!
It has been a very very HAPPY year so far! I have a bag of special doggie treats that are PEPPERMINT flavoured! How can anything be better??
Peppermint-flavored?! Wow! If I were a dog, I'd probably want to try some! But since I'm human, I'll stick to candy canes and such instead. :)
Hi Berthat!

I would LOVE to send you a bandana or two...and even some candy canes too.

I just need to get your address.

Can you get your Dad to email me at katewoolard at
Like your daddy I have seizures too, and I don't have someone special like you to look after me, so I would love to send you some bandanas so you look pretty when you're working. Can your Dad email me at with his address so I can post them please?
Bertha, your list made me so happy! I will see about sending some treats and maybe a movie ticket or two. :) I love going to the movies as well. My email address is ampersandwiches [at] gmail [dot] com. Happy Holidays!
*offers ear skritches*

I can send you a bandanna! Would you mind emailing me your address?

snoopdawg at