Wish list

Hi everyone. My name's April and I'm 26 years old. I live in KY with my fiance, Boo. I've been a member of livejournal going on 6 years and I thought this year I'd post my wish list. (:

So, here it is:

1.) Anything from my amazon wish list, and used items are great too: http://amzn.com/w/1NU058T6T56DU.
2.) More livejournal friends.
3.) Anything Hello Kitty.
4.) Icons of me or of me & Boo, and I love it when the icons are animated.
5.) Blinkies, especially couple related, girlie stuff, dolls and faeries.
6.) More user pics add-on or more paid time for my livejournal.
7.) Horror movie DVDs (new or used).
8.) Scrapbook related stuff, especially stuff having to do with love and relationships.
9.) Horror books or young adult fiction novels (new or used).
10.) A magazine subscription to Cosmo or something like that.

Here's my address:

April Smith
410 Sester Hollow Road
Manchester, KY 40962

And here's my email:


If you're interested in making me a blinkie or an icon, you can email me about it and I'll email you back with the info.

Thanks so much everybody, and I wish all of you a beautiful holiday season and a very happy New Year! ♥
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Hi :)
I am also named April and would like to grant your wish of more LJ Friends :) Feel free to add me. I am going to add you to my LJ :)
I read your user page -- we've got some differences, but I think enough similarities to forge an LJ friendship all the same, if you're interested. :)

Short translation: adding? :)
I am fairly positive I can send you something hello kitty, though it may get to you late cause of money being tight.
It's no problem :) I'm moving and downsizing my HK collection. Oddly my husband thinks we have too much HK stuff around :)