Wish List 2009

Hi, my name is Jessie. This time of year is always pretty rough because I don't really have anyone to spend the holidays with and money is always tight. So here's my wish list for 2009. Some of these are pipe dreams, but hey, it's not called a wish list for nothing. :) If you want to contact me about my address for shipping, email me at jade_kadir @ hotmail . com. I also posted this on my LJ here.

- Once a wish has been granted, it will be crossed off my list.


01: LJ account paid for another year (W/ icon upgrade for a year) I Really Really want this one pretty please someone. - Thank you to echodaniels & xtremeroswellia

02: Anything from my Amazon Wish List. I'm not that picky. I love all sorts of things. :)

03: Icons from one of my favorite TV shows.
-- I've gotten some from yaya_wr8t3r (here) & darkmoore, but if anyone wants to do some, I'd love it. :)

04: An new Michael Parkes Calendar for 2010.

05: Blank CD-Rs - Thank you to justcallmemrssp for this wonderful gift. :)

06: Tigana 10th Anniversary Edition - by Guy Gavriel Kay (Book's Wiki)

07: A Playstation 3

08: Two weeks of vacation in Miami

09: True Love

10: Johnny Depp. (Just kidding.)

If anyone wants to play Santa this year, then comment or email me at jade_kadir @ hotmail . com
I will be more than happy to make you an icon of any picture or show you like. I mostly have SGA icons (how can someone not be in love with John and Rodney) but if you point me in the direction of a picture you especially like, I will make an icon for you.

Happy holidays!
Well, more than one if you like. DUH. Just let me know what you want on it. You also can have a look at my (woefully neglected of late) graphics journal. If you want any of the already existing icon personalized, let me know. =)