My Wishlist

Hi, there. I'm Angie. *waves* I'm twenty-nine, and I work at a domestic violence shelter. I have two guinea pigs, Chloe and Isabel, and I love to write. :D

1. To be able to forgive my grandma somehow, whether or not she apologizes after reading the letter I wrote her.

2. Guinea pig stuff. Calenders, mugs, icons, pictures, stuffed animals, postcards, anything. I love it.

3. Roswell season one on DVD with the original music. The music they chose as replacements for season one was not good. I can barely watch anything but the Pilot. :(

4. Anything to do with Chlollie! Chloe Sullivan/Oliver Queen from Smallville. Icons, banners, wallpaper, fanfic. They are SO my OTP.

5. Green Arrow anything. Toys, comics, shirts, books. I play Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in an online RP and I have grown to love this character immensely.

6. Anything with the Northern Lights. Pictures, postcards, icons, wallpapers, screensavers. I'm a bit obsessed. If you've actually seen them, tell me about your experience. How did it make you feel?

7. Mixed CDs. Send me a mix of your favorite songs with an explanation of why you love these particular songs.

8. A donation to Defenders of Wildlife.

9. Gift cards to Farm and Fleet, Wal-Mart or Krogers.

10. Anything to do with storm-chasing. Links, books, information, anything. It all fascinates me.

My info:

Angela Williams
2470 Wakefield Drive Apt. 4
Decatur, IL 62521
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I saw the Northern Lights over Greenland en route to Iceland.

They are so amazing, you cannot believe it at first.

And they make noise!

My boyfriend was applying for a job recently, and one of the questions was "what are your weaknesses?"

He was || THIS CLOSE to putting down "the color yellow". Hehe.
Would you be willing to accept a .zip file of mp3s? I can't afford stamps, but would love to share music with you. :)
I may be able to do number 2, but it might not get out til after xmas. do you mind?
I’m packing to move and I realized that it was holiday time again, as it is almost November, so I thought I’d go looking for the LJ Holiday Wishes group, only to find that the 2010 group won’t be starting for a few more weeks. But I’m still looking for distractions, so I started browsing the 2009 wishes. Are you still looking for mixed CDs? If so, I’d love to make you one and send it as soon as possible.
This is my main LJ, which these days I use pretty much for holiday wishes and that's it…I have a knitting/crafting/baking one under knittergoddss and a writing/photography one under 2010poetic---add me as a friend, as I see from your post that you like to write. I know your post had your address, but that was a year ago, so please send me an e-mail to with the subject "2009 LJ Holiday Wishes Mix CD" so that I know what I am sending (I'm good at forgetting things these days, especially with moving in the next few weeks).