Wishlist time!

Hey friends! This is my favorite time of year so I'm super excited. :D Can't wait to start granting some wishes! In the meantime, here is my own list to feed my weird obsessions:

1. Moleskine notebooks -- medium (8.5" by 5.5") or pocket-sized. My favorites are the ones that are plain, lined, or the ones for watercolor painting!

2. Pinkberry or Red Mango gift cards!! I have a serious addiction to them.

3. Magic the Gathering cards!

4. Knee-high socks. The fuzzier and/or cuter the better!

5. Any honeybee-themed things.

6. Any watercolor painting supplies -- paints, brushes, paper, etc.

7. Any penguin-themed things.

8. Anything Celtic.

9. Any lighthouse-themed things.

10. Anything to do with cute puppies.

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