Happy Holidays!

Hello! My name is Alicia Vollmer and I am a freshman at Florida State University. I like to go to sporting events around campus, basketball and football games, and hang out with my friends. This is my first year participating in this and I hope to send out gifts and hopefully receive some.

1. FSU sports… football, basketball, and baseball are my favorite.

2. Things related to my religion, I’m Baptist. I like crosses, angels, etc.

3. Yellow is my favorite color, I like being outdoors and it reminds me of the sunshine. Anything that is yellow or has the sun on it.

4. Skittles happen to be my favorite type of candy because I do not like chocolate.

5. Stationary! I also want to start writing letters to my friends and family so stationary or postcards would be a great thing to receive.

6. Spain is the most beautiful place in the world so anything dealing with Spain, pictures, postcards, or anything with Spanish writing on it.

7. Mix CD’s I’m not into rap or heavy metal but I will listen to pretty much anything.

My address is:

Alicia Vollmer

Florida State University

PO Box 60488

Tallahassee, FL 32313

If you need to email me my email address is aav09e@fsu.edu.

I can send you some pictures from my study abroad experience in Spain! I know you posted it here, but just email me your address and we'll chat that way!

rachael.richardson@gmail.com :)
I'm going to add you to my Surprise Gift list, just reply to this comment so I remember to send you something!
The first year I was on this comm, I gathered a bunch of addresses with an idea of what to send, and then sent it without a name or anything lol (one of them, I sent just an envelope full of dried pasta. THEY ASKED FOR SOMETHING RANDOM!)
Thanks! That's very nice of you =] I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!