Seasonal love to everyone!

Greetings to everyone! Hope that regardless of your circumstances or what holiday you celebrate, you are feeling the holiday love!! If not, then please take a moment to accept a warm hug from me and mine. (((hugs)))

Whew, what a year! My family unofficially adopted a 17 (now 18) year old teenager, because apparently two teenagers isn't enough *g*. She has recently decided she's going to get married in June. (Holy cow!) In the next 6 months we have an 18 year old birthday for our oldest biological child, a graduation, and a wedding. And our youngest is now a 2 year old who thinks the world (indoors or out) was meant for climbing. So 2010 promises to be a whirlwind of a year.

Anyway, cruising the lists and making some plans. Here is my list for this year:

1) Tea. I really, really, adore tea. And so do the kids. Loose or bagged, we like it all! We got some very different teas last year and oh, they were yummy!
2) Supernatural romance novels. (These are for the teens. All the girls are really into the whole supernatural romance stuff. Avid readers of it!)
3) Trains. The little one just loves anything train at the moment. He will happily cruise around the train table at B&N for an hour making all sorts of sounds and pushing the trains along.
4) Christmas Cards. Please comment below with contact info and I'll get you my addy.
5) Non-USA Candy. I always love seeing what other coutries have for candy. Once had some Russian chocolate-y candy...num, num!
6) Cookies! I love cookies.
7) Tokens, cards, pictures, foods, etc. from another country. Opens the mind and spirit to touch something from somewhere that isn't here!
8) Donate to a women's charity. Pretty self explanatory.
9) Toy Cars. The wee one likes anything that good vroom!
10) Old family recipe's. All of my kids (except the 2 year old) are still learning to cook and I love sharing any recipe with them. Cooking is good for the soul.

Thanks a bunch! And may the spirit of the season bless you and make you and your's feel loved.
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I can send you tea. Email your address to with a link to this wishlist.
I have a few recipes posted on my journal here. Two-by-Four Soup is a recipe I got got from one of my grandmothers.
I would be happy to send you a card and a coin from England. Just send your address and a reminder of what I promised to auralily2000 at