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Hi guys! I'm Eve, and this is my third year in this community. I'm from New York but currently at school in Minnesota, where it's just starting to get very cold. I just have a couple of wishes;

1. any earrings
. I missed the bandwagon when I was little and only got my ears pierced for the first time last year, so my collection of earrings is sadly lacking. So any old, unused earrings you have lying around would be awesome, I'm looking for any type at all, cute ones, plain ones, fancy ones, whatever, I just want to start building up a collection.

2. tea!
my hot beverage of choice. I love to have a variety of types (although I'm not a big fan of green tea), so just a few teabags slipped into an envelope would be great (or loose tea!). Things like hot chocolate packets would be awesome too.

3. origami paper. I have a habit of folding paper cranes while watching tv, or whenever I need something to do with my hands. And I used to have a big supply of paper but now it's finally running low, so if anyone has some unwanted sheets I'll gladly take them. It doesn't need to be actual origami paper, or already cut into a square - just anything colorful that's thin enough to fold.

4. Israeli music. I'm currently learning Hebrew and would love recommendations/links to download any type of music in Hebrew to listen to, since I'm not familiar with any.

You can email me at dustbunny87(at)gmail(dot)com for contact info, and I hope everyone's holidays are wonderful!
Hello! Try listening to The Berry Sisters and I've also got some Israeli music but don't know how to give it to you...
hmm...you could try a site like sendspace.com or yousendit.com if you're comfortable with that :)
Hi, I think rubbing alcohol would work - my ears aren't particularly sensitive so it shouldn't be a problem.