Christmas Wishlist

I'm Paul. I have now reached the heady age of 30 and haven’t been on LJ in AGES. But I LOVE granting wishes, so back I scamper and I've just realised how much I miss this place.

Write a greeting card to someone who needs one

This is by far my most important wish. Amnesty International ask people like us - who are able t enjoy their freedom - to send a card with a friendly greeting or message of solidarity to someone who is in danger or unjustly imprisoned. There is a list of 50 people here. Please chose one.

Dipping Ink

I love writing letters and I use a quill. This is because I'm either old fashioned or pretentious. I'm also aware that quite a few people getting dipping ink and never use it. So if you have a little jar of ink at the back of a draw, I'd love it if you could send it to me.

What ever you have for breakfast

OK, probably not a good idea if you go for a full English every morning, but I would love to try your favorite cereal. No need to send a box of cereal, just enough for a bowl full would be fine. One thing, I am vegetarian so probably can't have things with marshmallows. And don't worry about adding milk before you post.

Fuel my teeny tiny greed

This is my over the top ask. Anything here would be AMAZING.

Christmas Card

Like most people , I love getting Christmas cards. I'm really keen on doing my bit for the environment b ut I just can't resist these things even if they are a little bit naughty. Don't worry, by January they'll either be rotting away to make peas grow nice and strong, or cut up to be used as tags for next years gifts!

A surprise gift

Anything at all that costs under about £2. Seriously, surprise me.

Snack food

I know a lot of people ask for sweets here - which are ALWAYS a good idea - but I thought I'd go a bit more general as some people may like an odd flavored crisp or some such. So any kind of snack food that might be a bit odd or unusual would be really interesting. Once again, I'm a vegi.


Either the book itself or a recommendation. If it's a recommendation I'll get it at the Library when I get the chance, if you send me the book it self I promise to read it straight away. I'll probably put up reviews on my LJ too so that you know what I thought.

Fantasy related items

I'm such a geek and love the whole swords and sorcery thing, so I'd appreciate anything Fantasy related, from a Lord of the Rings key ring to a Conan the Barbarian shoe brush.

Money to Amnesty

You've looked through my list, eager to send me something because you're a lovely person. Unfortunately you don’t eat breakfast and thought think that C S Lewis is a high street chain store. Don't worry! Let's assume that postage costs £1. Instead of spending that money on a stamp, why not donate it to Amnesty International?

So there is my list.

I hope you and all of your loved ones have a wonderful time this year and a truly fantastic Christmas.
I have a several books I have either read or have no intention on reading and don't want to keep. I can email you the list of the books and if you want any I would gladly send them to you. Just let me know. (
Thank you very much, cn;t wait to see that list.

If you can give me a link to your wish list I'd really appriciate it!
i can send you mail.. and i can definitely send others mail.. but it LOOKS from your use of money that you live in england, and i cant imagine my trying to ship dipping ink to England would end well........
pls send your snail mail address to kirsten at fabricdragon dot com and include a link to your wish list or at least a "you said you could send me a card"

and if you can pls put holiday wishes in the subject line!
have a happy holiday
I am indeed from the UK, well spotted! Thansk for offering to send others cards, it means so much to them to know that people are thinking about them!

Would you mind giving me a link to your wish list please?
I can send you a card and I will probably send some cards to those poor souls on Amnesty International's list. Please e-mail me with your addy (
Email sent, thank you very much! I'd also be greatful if you would give me a link to your wish list please.
I'll be nice and not scorn you for misusing the word 'draw' :P

Please email your address to me, and I shall send you something :)

I'll also donate to Amnesty.

I've emailed you and am looking forward to what yu send.

Would you mind giving me the link to your wish list please?
I can send you a card - and some cards to the Amnesty list - and to top it off, I send money to Amnesty automatically every month anyway!

I *will* need your details though - email them to katewoolard at - thankks!
Er... and the word 'England' to the bottom of my address.

I may have forgotten that bit.

*looks a bit red in the face*
I'll send you a card, and I may have a couple of Lord of the Rings items that I can send you too. Email me your address - I'm
Oh wow. There are a lot of sad stories on the Amnesty website. I'll definitely send over a card or two. Thank you for posting that!