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Happy holidays everyone!
I am Lauren, a 21 year old Anthropology student in NYC.

1. Owls Anything involving owls would be amazing. Jewelry, postcards, socks, art .. anything! Owls are my favorite animals. I am even looking to get an owl tattoo, so even a design for one would make me happy!

2. Postcards/Greeting Cards I love getting mail!

3. Mixed CDs/List of music I am always looking to listen to new music. Even if you can't send me a CD, a list of music would be just as great!

4. Socks! I love collecting all sorts of socks. I am just starting to get into knee-highs, so those would be awesome.

5. Friends/Penpals I haven't written a letter in a LONG time and would love to start again.

6. Stationary For the aforementioned wish :)

7. Surprises! I absolutely love surprises. Some of my interests include: anthropology/archaeology, photography, painting, drawing, House, reading..

If you would like, also send me your wishlist! I shall see if I can grant any wishes this year :)

My email is lderosa(at)hunter(dot)cuny(dot)edu.
Thank you!
I may be able to send you some music. Is there any particular genre you enjoy or are you open to whatever I throw at you? ^_~
I am actually open to anything, I want to broaden my musical horizon! ;) Thank you!
Sent you some music via email from my box.net (schwarzfiles).

Sorry it took so long, my computer ate itself over the holidays.
Email me at rachael.richardson@gmail.com with your contact info. I'd love to be penpals -- and have a postcard all ready to send! <3
Thank you!! I'm going to go listen to it right now! :)
Will email you too!
I have an owl trivet that's yours if you'd like to have it. Email me at empressjad at aol dot com, and please remind me which wish I'm granting for you, as I'm granting about 40 total at the moment, and they can get mixed up in my addled brain!
I can send you a postcard from Hawaii?

Please send me your address to mypetconcubine@yahoo.com

Subject: Holiday wishes/postcard
Somewhere in e-mail place your username and wish link this will make things easier for me.