Baby, it's cold outside...

Greetings everyone! My name is Nikki and I'm a 23-year-old living in north Georgia, where it doesn't snow nearly as often as I would like. This is my third year participating in Holiday Wishes. This community makes me feel so full to the brim with Christmas spirit - I wish I could grant a wish from every list!

Here are my own requests for Santa this year:

1. Horse treats
This probably seems a bit of a strange request! But I do clicker training with my two horses, and we go through a LOT of treats. They love peppermints, dried apples, and pretty much every packaged horse treat ever made.

2. Paid account time on LJ

It's been a tough time financially and it's a bit hard to justify renewing my account that's about to expire.... but it's going to be very sad saying goodbye to all the beloved userpics. :-(

3. Tea
What better antidote to a wet, dreary winter day than a steaming mug of tea? I'd love to try your favorite brands and flavors - fruity herbal teas are my favorite but I'm up for adventure. :-)

4. Gel Pens
I'm part of a creative writing circle and ink seems to disappear much too quickly these days! I'd love any pen that writes smooth and fast, even if it's been partially used already.

5. Knee-high Socks
I play mounted games and wear these constantly. Outrageous colors are perfectly acceptable. :-)

6. The Reindeer Section albums
I recently discovered The Reindeer Section. It's love. I'd be eternally grateful for either Ya'll Get Scared Now, Ya Hear? or Son of Evil Reindeer - burned copies or mp3s are fine!

7. Ditto ditto Clannad
Anything and everything of theirs.

8. For everyone to have a beautiful and peaceful holiday season. ♥

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I'd love to send some tea and gel pens. :)

-I go to school in North Georgia, just thought that was pretty cool. :D
Oooh, that would be wonderful! I looked up your wishlist and would love to send you a card. If you email me your address, I'll send you mine! nenya217 (at) :-)

What school do you go to? I'm in the process of applying to Dalton State right now...
I'll shoot you an email!

I go to NGCSU, so not too far away..just thought it was cool. ;) Good luck applying to Dalton State. What do you hope to major in? (Just curious.)
I know a couple of people that go to NGCSU. :-) Right now I'm looking at getting an AS in English here at Dalton, and then transferring to Prescott College and pursuing Creative Writing and Equine-Assisted Learning.
silly question, byt when you say gel pens, do you mean the ones that middle school girls would use or something else? I can get some pens, but want to make sure I get the correct kind
Colorful or black, sparkly or plain... I'm not picky at all, I just love the way the ink writes! Do you have a wishlist posted?
OMG!!! I adore The Reindeer Section!!! 'You are my Joy' makes me all squishy and wobbly on the inside-hahaha.
Are you a Snow Patrol fan as well? I absolutely love them!
Sending you an email right now. =D