♥ ~ Happy Happy Holidays ~ ♥

Hey everybody :)
My name is Sabrina, I'm almost 26 (but actually feel like 15 most of the time) and I'm from Hamburg, Germany. It's my second year here and I gave and got some lovely things last year and met some wonderful people so, I thought I'd participate again.
I've already written a lot of Christmas cards so far and I'm planning on granting some more wishes once I'm done posting my own list =)
So here we go...

o1. Christmas Cards
I know everyone posts this. I really do love letters & postcards though so a postcard would be great!
And since I love to write, I wouldn't mind penpals either. Just check my profile if we have some things in common, so that we'll have something to talk about =)

o2. The obligatory Amazon Wishlist
I keep it updated all the time, so there's nothing on it I wouldn't love to have =)
New or used is both fine <3

o3. Things for learning (modern) Hebrew
I'm pretty much trying to learn it by myself, which is not always easy. Or... at all. =) So anything would be helpful, anything you don't need or want anymore.
Books, dictionaries, audio CDs or mp3s... It can be in English or German, as I'm fluent in both.

o4. Rainbows & LGBTQ related things
Anything gay pride related actually, flags, magnets, jewelery...

o5. Tea
Pads for Coffee machines would be perfect, since they're not available here for some strange reason. Guess Germany is a coffee drinker country.
But loose leaf or bags are great, too. I'm a passionate tea drinker, I don't care how it's made as long as it's tea :)
I'd pretty much drink anything, really. I love all kinds of teas, fruity, minty, black tea in all variations or something really fancy. I'm not picky. As long as it's called Tea I'll probably love it. =)

o6. Cheap (or self made) Jewelery
I especially love earrings and bracelets. I do love necklaces/anklets and rings, too, though. I'd be happy about anything you don't want anymore if it's still in decent condition. Or maybe you got something as a gift yourself and don't like it? I'll take it!
I wear pretty much anything, silvery, golden or colorful plastic. I love it all XD I don't have allergies either.

o7. RENT & Wicked merchandise/memorabilia
I love musicals, old & new. As long as they sing in it - I'll probably love it. But I especially love RENT & Wicked and would love you forever if you'd send me anything related to those (or Idina Menzel :P ). Maybe you have an old program or poster lying around you don't really need anymore? Old tickets? Something cut out from a newspaper? Video recordings? Anything, really. I'll love you forever =)

o8. Books
Especially old books. I'm not big fan of contemporary, new stuff actually, but I love books that are old and look like they've been read quite a few times. They can be in bad shape as long as they still have all their pages, I'd love to have them.
Maybe you've got some old, rotten books in your attic? :P

o9. Foreign Sweets
Things I can't get here in Germany. Anything Cadbury for example. And I love PopTarts a LOT but there are very few online shops here that have them and they only have strawberry and are pretty expensive, too. I love blueberry btw xD
I also love licorice and fruity sweets.

1o. Donate Life
Become an Organ Donor, Blood Donor, Bone marrow donor, donate to cancer/aids research. Or any other charity you support. Anything you give helps. Organ/blood/bone marrow donations are most important to me personally. Wouldn't you want someone to give you their kidney/heart/blood/bone marrow if you needed it? Return the favor by being generous, too. You won't need your organs anymore once you're dead. But they could save other peoples lives...

For questions or to get my home address just send me an e-Mail, saying you're from this community.
You don't have to tell me which wish you're planning to grant, I love surprises (as long as it's not a letter bomb :P) XD

My aunt was in the broadway production of Wicked after Kristen Chenoweth left. I'm sure I have something I can send your way :) send me an email at beccasee@live.com if you want
I'm planning on donating blood at my school's next blood drive :D

Your icon is gorgeous :D Idina FTW!
That's great! <3 <3

Thank you! Yours is gorgeous, too. I love her dress in that photoshoot, so pretty <3 :D
I donate blood and have filled out organ donor card, it's always with me. E-mailing you for more things~

Got your email, I'll reply in a minute <3 Just wanted to comment here saying I love your icon. Awesome XD
I'm a blood downer, and I'm on the bone marrow registry, and I'm a registered organ donor - and have had made my family aware of my wishes.

I'm adding you to my card list, and will be needing your address...and I can make you some earrings as well, though because my crafting schedule is kinda jammed full, that mightn't be able to be until after Christmas...I hope you don't mind?

I'll email you when I get home...unless you want to email me with Holiday Wishes in the subject line, and a link to your post in the body...to katewoolard at hotmail.com
Would icons fall under #7? Cause I could hook you up. (:

Also, I have donated blood once, and mean to again.
Well I'd still be more than happy if you would do it, even though it's old :P Nothing changed over the past year xD <3

I'm actually going to make a new list soon-ish and stuff like that will definitely be on it again, so if you'd rather like to wait for the new list, that's fine for me too.
I didn't realise this was old, I was going to send you some chocolate, haha. Do you have a list this year? :)