psychological liar (novelized) wrote in holiday_wishes,
psychological liar

happy holidays!

hellooo! my name is kaley. i'm a 19-year-old college student in kentucky. :D i really don't have all that many wishes, but here goes!

1. candy.
i have such a crazy sweet tooth. i would especially LOVE to try candy from other parts of the world! trying new things is always fun. :D

2. fast food giftcards.
i'm a starving college student. i know it's not healthy, but really, that would help a ton. if anyone has an extra giftcard to chipotle lying around, especially, i'd be forever in your debt. ;D

3. donation to cancer research institute.
my mom was diagnosed with cancer (colon & ovarian) two years ago and i'm sick of seeing this stupid disease hurt the people i love.

that's about it! ♥ have a very merry holiday season.

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