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This is my 3rd or 4th year being a part of "Holiday Wishes". This community is so much fun! Who doesn't love to give and receive a little something around the holidays? I sure know I do! I am 23 years old and I'm a mommy to 3 turtles, 3 ferrets, and 2 cats! ♥ I live with my boyfriend Matt and we mostly stay at home with our "children".

1.) Anything Twilight/New Moon - I love the whole Twilight saga. I currently have "New Moon" & "Eclipse". The only other thing I have related to the series are pillow cases. So anything you may have I would love, I promise. I must say I am a Team Edward but who doesn't love Jacob too? LOL. Edit: I am team Jacward!

2.) Cat / Ferret Toys - I was recently laid off my job so buying presents for my fur babies isn't really as easy this year. My babies love any kind of cat toys or small dog toys. Any treats, collars, blankets, really just anything you think an animal might like.

3.) LUSH - I have never tried LUSH but I have heard wonderful things from many LJ girls. I would love to try one in a big 'ol relaxin' bubble bath! Ahh, doesn' that sound nice? LOL.

4.) Amazon - Of course I have an Amazon. I made one that is price friendly. $20 and under gifts only. Used is more than fine. I would be grateful for anything I may get from this.

5. Bath & Body Works - I am just recently obsessed with the wallflowers and refills. Also the Scentbug and oils. BUT I adore B&BW anything. Sprays, wash, lotion, sanitizer, really anything at all. If you have half a bottle of something laying around and wanna get rid of it, send it my way. Please.

6. Gift Cards - to anywhere! I love to use gift cards.

7. Kurt Halsey - I adore Kurt. I have a few prints and a couple of his tattoos. I haven't had any extra money for anything of his in the last year. It would be an awesome surprise. Post cards, magnets, prints. ANYTHING.

8. Christmas Cards - Snail mail is always a nice thing to go out and get instead of bills. ♥

9. Photography - Anything photography related. I have a Canon DSLR. I am trying to start my own "business". You can send me anything photo related. Period. Your favorite pictures, anything extra you have around, jewelry. Again, I'm not picky. If it has a camera or is related to one, I will love it.

10. Surprise!!! - I love a good surprise as well. ♥ Who doesn't? It can be a mix cd, anything you just have around you think I may like. I love turtles, pink, scents, movies, music (rap, pop, r&b mostly), cupcakes, breast cancer awareness, pictures, etc.

email me @ - misslissalovesyou@gmail.com
Do you have or would you like the soundtracks? I have them both. :) I'm a huge fan too.
I can send you a Christmas card from Hawaii?

Please send me your address to mypetconcubine@yahoo.com

Subject: Holiday wishes/card
Somewhere in e-mail place your username and wish link this will make things easier for me.
Btw - I see you have 2 of the Harry Potter books on your list. Are those the only 2 that you need/want?
The only book I own of the Harry Potter's would be book 2 (Chamber of Secrets). I want to get the whole collection eventually.