Happy Holidays!

This is my first LJ Christmas and below is my first wish list, such a fantastic idea. I am moving house in January and I am currently trying to reduce my number of possessions so my wish list is filled with requests for friends and ideas.

I would like….

More LJ friends!
I started my LJ in January and I have a delightful but small group of friends, I would love some more.

More Goodreads friends
I joined Goodreads a few months ago and my friends list is just as delightful but just as small as my LJ list. I would love some more Goodreads friends as well. I am under Beeblebox.

A last name
It isn’t for me, I am more than happy with my last name. I am writing a novel and I am trying to think of a last name for one of my characters. He is called Jonathon and is a London based lawyer. He has a successful career, his world falls apart and a humbler version of him appears (it is slightly more complicated and less clichéd in the book). He is in his late 30s/early 40s and falls in love with the story’s main character, Midnight. He is currently called Jonathon Holton but I don’t think the last name really suits him.

Parlor games
This year I am in charge of the games at Christmas. Any suggestions? I am after games that would fit into the “parlor games” category, things like charades, rather than board games. Word games are always popular. The games must be suitable for ten people aged between 16 and 70 and there must be points awarded. The games at Christmas are taken very seriously in my household, there is even a trophy.

Blankety Blanks
One game we are going to play at Christmas is a version of the British game show Blankety Blank (I think the American show with the same name is different). In my version there are two teams each with a captain. I will read a statement but leave out one word. Everyone including the team captain writes down what they would put as the missing word. Then everyone reveals what they have written and if it is the same as their captain’s answer, they get a point.
But I need some statements/blankety blanks. Here are some examples I found:
Our local fish and chip shop is run by an ex-hairdresser. He's so forgetful that he doesn't put salt and vinegar on the chips, he puts instead.
Our local farmer has set up a home for retired circus animals. Every now and then, he rides into the village on a
"I was 21 today" said the prisoner. But they didn't give me the key to the door, they gave me a instead.
I would really appreciate some better suggestions.

I have got into the habit of making the same dishes all the time. I am not allowing myself to any more recipe books as I acquired three in the past month, one for cookies, one for cup cakes and one for party food. Although great, they are no good on a day to day basis. If you have any quick easy mid-week dinner recipes that you would like to share then please pass them on.

Please email things to: briony.tatem@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you!

Happy holidays,

B x
Quick Dinner
In fact, what I'm making for lunch later today!

1 lb ground turkey or beef (we use ground turkey as we don't eat red meat)
1 package frozen spinach
1/4 c worcesteshire sauce
garlic, salt and pepper to taste

Thaw out the spinach, mix with meat, worcesteshire sauce and spices. Form patties and fry in pan (usually about 4 minutes on each side - I can fit 3-4 burgers in a large pan)

This is my secret weapon for making sure everyone in the house gets some vegetables.
Re: Quick Dinner
Sounds delicious. Since reaching adulthood I have developed an appreciation for spinach so I will definitely give that a go.
If humbleness is going to be part of your novel, you might consider using the last name "Heep."

Uriah Heep is a character in Dicken's David Copperfield who is always going on about how "'umble" he is.
LJ friends, Goodreads friends, and recipes!
I will grant three of your wishes. I would love to be friends with you on here and on goodreads (I am completely addicted to goodreads). Also I will come up with a series of recipes that are good for every day sort of use. I have a stock pile recipe collection, so I will copy some of those for you. One question, do you have a crock pot? :)

Happy Holidays!
Re: LJ friends, Goodreads friends, and recipes!
Thank you so much! Goodreads is brilliant isn't it?

No, I do not have a crock pot although I keep meaning to get one.
I would so love more goodread friends too! I currently only have one T_T
None of my lj friends cept for one have gr, soooo :/

Oh, I'm antlers on goodreads btw!

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Hi! I'd be glad to friend you. I've just sent you an add request. :)