Happy Holidays

Hello, Everyone. I'm J, I'm 20 years old, and live with my wonderful husband in Missouri. I have done my good deed for Christmas, and helped two families (both strangers that I found after posting a Craigs List ad) whos children would otherwise be gift-less on Christmas morning. I fully believe in helping out when you can, and then some, so that is what I've done this year. I have been helped MANY times in the past, so I am paying it foward and helping those two families (and others that I find here) this Holiday Season. My Wishlist is not large, or over-the-top, but any help would be much appreciated. Happy Holidays, friends!

1) Giftcards. No place specific, but places where we can buy groceries (Walmart, Price Chopper, and Aldi are what we have locally) would be wonderful.

2) A cell phone for my husband. This is my only semi-large wish. My husband uses his cell phone for almost everything at work, and it finally gave up and died on him the other day. I would LOVE to be able to purchase him a brand new phone for Christmas, but with other Christmas gifts, helping the families we have helped, and every-day bills, it is not in our cards right now. He is NOT picky, and used, or greatly used, is NOT a problem. If at all possible, a Smart Phone (blackberry, sidekick, something along those lines) through Tmobile would be wonderful, since it is for work purposes. If this wish cannot be grantid, I am in total understanding. But if you have an old phone like this laying around that you don't use, it would be greatly appreciated.

3) I know everyone puts this, but Christmas cards! when I walk into my home and see Holiday cards hanging around my door ways, it brings a true smile to my face.

4) Makeup. I LOVE makeup, and doing makeup is a job I do on the side to help make ends meet. High end, low end, it doesnt matter. Anything to put in my kit would be wonderful.

5) Toys. I babysit 2 toddler girls (almost 2, and 3) five days a week, and they LOVE playing with new (not BRAND new, but new to them) toys. They like play food, play dishes, dolls, coloring, and oddly enough, hot wheels cars.

6) A girly Xbox 360 game. My husband has an Xbox 360, but no games that I enjoy!

7) Candles. I love candles, bottom line, haha.

8) Christmas decorations. We dont have alot of them, and I love getting in the Christmas spirit.

9) For you to donate to your local Salvation Army. My Grandpa (who passed away in 2006) was a volunteer for the Salvation Army for MANY years, right up until he passed away. I think it's a wonderful organization, so I love helping whenever I can. You can donate money, old clothes, old toys, old household items. Your old junk could help someone else in need!

10) Pay it foward! I am a firm believe in this. Whenever someone helps me, I try my hardest to help someone else in return. If someone helps you this holiday season, help someone else, and keep the circle going.
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I would be more than happy to send you a Christmas card. :) Feel free to send me a PM with your mailing address.
I can send you something - can you send me an email with a link to this wishlist and your address?
Please send me your Address I'd like to send you something from your list. Sylkenwhyspers@gmail.come.. subject Holiday wishes