happy holidays

hey everyone. My name is Jade. I'm 19, married and about to start college in January. I hope to help out as many of you as I can. These are my wishes.

1. clothing. I wear a juniors size S/M or 5 to 7 in bottoms. I wear mostly darker colors and am in desperate need of everything but especially warmer clothes. I dont care if they're old and wearing out..I just really need something to wear.

2. Books. I'm majoring in english literature and have a major passion for books. In particular anything vampire related or anything by Francesca Lia Block.

3. candles or incense.

4. stretchers/plugs. I'm currently at a 7/16 so plugs in that size would be amazing. I'm also looking to eventually get up to the next size or two but have put it on hold because I can't afford tapers.

5. buttons/pins I can put on my jacket or purse.

6. nail polish or lipstick in black, red, or burgundy

7. anything with wolves on it

8. striped socks/tights

9. sweets. any type works but I'd love to try something I can't get in MI

10. Old stuffed animals. I collected teddy bears and stuffed wolves and I also have a three year old niece and a new nephew due in early April.

If anyone thinks they can help me out you can email me at keeper_of_winds@hotmail.com
Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays everyone.
PM me your address. I don't know how soon I can send these but my daughter has a few size 5 jeans she's outgrown or has not worn at all.