Christmastime is here...

All right, a little background. I'm a college girl, just turned 21 (wooo *parties*) (not really). I've done holiday_wishes for several years now, and love it! Can't really think of anything else to say here...

So on to the list!

1. Mail! Letters, cards, pen pals, packages--anything! Makes my day.

2. Sims for Mac Love, love, LOVE Sims. Have a Mac. T_T Have no money, either. Do you have leftovers, or want to be super lovely? :D

3. WalMart giftcards Love to shop there, and I get my food there a lot. Very fun, and very practical.

4. Wasted by Marya Hornbacher Just a good book that I'd like to own.

5. Other books that you don't want anymore. They are welcome. *pats shelves*

6. Mix CDs MAKE MY DAY as well. Love love love music.

7. Random CDs Find random CDs for a buck? I'll give it a try. (: I've found some of the best music that way.

8. Yarn Scraps in particular, but any yarn you don't want is welcome to come this way. I'm making a huge blanket for my sister.

9. Lolita clothes and items Got any stuff you don't want or use or wear or fit? Send it my way! I've really wanted to get into this style, but am poor (college kid, remember?) and my mom hasn't taught me to sew yet. Really open to anything. I'm a medium or large in American sizes, or about a 10-12 or so. Can give more specific measurements. (:

10. Make someone smile!

So you can do one of these? SUPER AWESOME! :D Email me at annakate_t (at) for my address or any other info with Holiday Wishes in the subject, so I don't think you're spam.

Oh, and link me to your wishlist, and I'll see what I can do. (:

Off to find some wishes to grant.
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I know you are probably looking for a hard copy of Wasted, but I'm part of a book community where it is uploaded there. The community is called: read_ed_books , and here's a link to the uploaded chapters.
*The links are "friends-locked."

I've been looking for a hard-copy of this book, as well. :)

I'd love to send you a card! :)
Would you be willing to accept a .zip file of mp3s? I can't afford stamps, but would love to give you some music. :)
Hey girl hey! Remember me? LOL. I can do five and six for you. However, you know about my postal would you mind ebooks? They're environmentally friendly and really quite nice =D
As for mix CDs, I am going to surprise you. SURPRISE =)
What? Who are you?

Just kidding. (: I suppose I can't say no to books in any form, though I've never really done the ebook thing. You're just getting me to try all sorts of stuff, aren't you?

(And I'm really curious where you're from. I have a guess, but it's probably wrong...)
LOL. I'm just aaaawesome and I will teach you all about ebooks, bb gurl. Look out for an email by Tuesday for the latest =D
And trying new things are awesome-they spice up life like you wouldn't believe!
I’m packing to move and I realized that it was holiday time again, as it is almost November, so I thought I’d go looking for the LJ Holiday Wishes group, only to find that the 2010 group won’t be starting for a few more weeks. But I’m still looking for distractions, so I started browsing the 2009 wishes. Are you still looking for mixed CDs? If so, I’d love to make you one and send it as soon as possible.
I have a few LJs...this is my main one that I use to for holiday wishes…I have a knitting/crafting/baking one under knittergoddss and a writing/photography one under 2010poetic. Feel free to send me your address ( and I will get your CD out as soon as possible. Please do me a favor, though, and link to your wishlist in the e-mail or title it "2009 WishList---mixed CD" so that I know what on earth I'm sending, as I am going through a lot of wishlists right now :)