Holiday wishlist

1 - I would love a hat scarf set. I saw a lovely handmade one and didn't but it and when I went back it was sold and I was so bummed and it is so cold now

2 - something handmade - I love handmade items

3 - stuffed animals and plush toys, anything from handmade monster toys to store bought critters would be well loved

4 - halloween themed items - I love anything spooky

5 - ghosts books from your area, I love those books like ghosts of Washington and I would love to have some from different areas (used books are super)

6 - old broken watches and other odd bits and bobs that I could use for art

7 - anything with dolphins on it!

8 - any snail mail, the holidays are so blah I would love anything to cheer me up!

9 - something from my amazon wish list

10 art supplies I love trying different mediums and different things and would love working with wool felting, clay, pens, paints, inks you name it I will try it (would love to learn to knit or crochet.
I can send you a postcard?

Please e-mail me your address to

Subject: Holiday wishes
Please place in e-mail your wish list link, address, username and what I am sending you. This will make things easier for me.
I can send a card, and also knit something for you. Because I am frantically knitting so many Christmas presents, I don't think I can do the hat and scarf set, but I can surprise you with something. :)

Can you please email me your address with the subject holiday wishes. It would be really helpful if you included what I am sending you in the email to help me keep track. My email address is ampersandwiches [at] gmail [dot] com.

My wishlist: