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22 year old part time college student and part time cashier living in southern Alabama.

1. Broken Jewelry: I like to use it in my art and sewing projects.

2. Postcards: I love getting mail.

3. Books: Any thing but romance. I like surprises.

4. Yarn: I'm an avid crocheter.

5. Fabric: Scraps or anything. I like to make small dolls I equate to the borrowers.

6. Unwanted DS games: I love my DS but can never pick out games for it. If you have one that works but you don't want.

Email me at ducksrfuzzy@gmail.com if you would like to help me with my wish list.

I can send you a postcard?

Please e-mail me your address to mypetconcubine@yahoo.com

Subject: Holiday wishes
Please place in e-mail your wish list link, address, username and what I am sending you. This will make things easier for me.