Merry Christmas!

Another year is almost over, hopefully everyone is ready for the new year. I have really enjoyed participating in this the past few years. Another year to try to make as many smiles as I can. Especially with greetings cards, who doesn't love just getting a ton of those, and maybe making a new friend that you connect with throughout the year. Thank you for looking at the post, and please link me to yours.

1. Homeschooling for a preschooler, kindergartner would be wonderful.

2. Ink cartridges for a dell printer p/n 7Y743 Series 2

3. For my down time gaming and work at home, a headset with a mic.

4. Crafts of any kind. Two kids, they go through it fast sometimes.

5. Sewing books or info, I know how to crochet, learning to knit, so sewing is the next step.

6. Anything to do with wicca, be it books or supplies or advise it is all welcome.

7. Stamps of any denomination really, helps to keep writing to friends and not just emailing.

8. Seeds to try and grow next year. Had a lovely crop this year, but would like different stuff, and would love having seeds from other homegrown plants. Have some to trade from my crops.

9. DVDS, especially Horrors from the past few years would be awesome, even if they are copies.

10. Surprise me. No really, I love any kind of surprise, be it something you drew, or wrote. Always loved collecting pictures from friends that were budding artists.

Hopefully I can bring more smiles this year than the last, that is always the goal, to give as much if not more than you did before to touch as many people as you can. Thank you for looking. These 10 are a mix for myself and my two wonderful kids, so they will bring a smile to more than one persons face. Merry Christmas.

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Merry Meet,

I know it's not much but I can send you a card from Hawaii and I can send a few stamps.

Blessed be and merry christmas.
Thank you very much. we put our first card on the card tree and the baby thought it was funny, thank you for reading and if you can for sending, if not for the comment it is still a warming gesture.