My Wish List

I'm Katie, I'm 21 and from Cleveland Ohio. I live with my husband our two cats and our dog. This is my first time posting in this community, and I really love the idea of it :) So here goes! :

1. I'd LOVE a paid LJ, I had one last year and just couldn't afford to renew it.

2. Gift cards from: Sephora, Lush, or Amazon :)

3. I'd like to build my community of friends here on Lj, so if you think we have similar interests message or add me :)

4. Christmas Cards or any snail mail, I love snail mail, just have no one to send it to, Pen pals anyone?

5. Here's my amazon wish-list which I just re-vamped I'd adore anything off this list :) ...

6. Tea, I drink tea like its going out of style, send me a bag of your favorite, any style is fine bags or leaves, please no rooibos or chai :)

7. 0 or 00 gauge plugs, I'm looking to stretch my ears up to a double zero, but zeros are fine too, single flares only and used is perfectly fine :)

8. Candy or snack foods from anywhere. I love trying new things :)

9. A Clarisonic cleanser for my face, used is fine if you have one you don't use anymore and just want to send it without the pads :)

10. Hug your parents and tell them you love them, my Dad passed away January 2008, this is going to be our second Christmas without him and its rough, So hug your parents if you have both of them or hug whichever one you have :)

...I get paid on thursday and CAN'T wait to start granting wishes! My email is LittleMissScareAll(dot)01(at)Gmail(dot)com If you need my mailing address just shoot me a holler :)
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I'd be happy to send you a card. Just send your address and a reminder of what I promised to auralily2000 at