Hey, I'm Kat, a 23 year old Texan EMT who's stuck in Canada for the winter (Don't ask. The gods hate me. :P). This is my first time posting on holiday_wishes, and I can't wait to see what wishes I can help come true for other people this year!

My Wishes:

1. The textbook and workbook for my paramedic class this summer. I'll be taking it through TEEX in College Station, TX.
2. Rubber duckies! I collect the wee beasties, and would love to add some more to my herd (flock?).
3. Anything Celtic. I'm an Irish redhead, and proud of it. ;)
4. Knee socks or arm warmers. Stripes are awesome, and I love all colours except pink and orange.
5. An international phone card so I can call my boyfriend back in Texas without going broke.
6. Pashminas! They're the perfect weight for winters in Canada or Texas, plus they're beautiful.
7. Mail! I love getting anything in the mail, as I live in the middle of nowhere and the post man coming by is sometimes the most exciting thing to happen that day.
8. Toy ambulances, especially the little matchbox car type ones. I freely admit that I'm a complete woo-woo and am collecting them too. *grin*
9. Candy! I especially love gummy candies and chocolate, with the only flavour I don't care for being banana.
10. Anything off my Amazon wishlist. It's sorted into different categories along the side, because I'm OCD like that. Also, I haven't been able to transfer my list over to, but it can give a good idea of what I want, and most things are available on too.

Kat Hogan
Parry Sound, ON

Thank you!
I think I have an extra copy of the Mabinogion around - it's the Jeffrey Gantz Penguin Classics edition, not the P.K. Ford, though. Let me know if you're interested anyway?
Wow, that would be amazing! Thank you so much. :) I'm not too fussy over the translation, as I'm looking to get a background knowledge of the myth.
Ooh, articles! I'm a major history/mythology geek, so that would completely make my day/week/possibly even month. *grin*

Sorry for taking so long to computer's been dead.
I'm sure you've thought of it, but just wanted to suggest you use Skype to speak to your boyfriend if you can, it saves a fortune!
Skype's a good idea, but I have dial-up internet, so it barely manages to load the chat portion of skype. :( Thanks for the suggestion, though!
Canada Rocks! Although I used to go camping in Perry Sound so I know it's really the middle of nowhere!
Small world! Parry Sound is nice...if you're just visiting. Spending the winter here is a terrifying prospect, especially as I'm not actually in town!
I feel for you believe me! I think you just need to escape to the big city for the remainder of winter!
Good luck in Canada for the winter!

If you want a new LJ friend, I'd love to friend you :)
I'm always up for more LJ friends. :) I should warn you that my journal is rather quiet lately, with sporadic postings of rants and recipes, but I'll definitely add you.