Happy Holidays!

My name is Anna, I'm a graduate student in Boston. I have an adorable kitty that's on my userpic. I enjoy spending time with my friends, reading, cooking and have a small obsession with Japanese street fashion.
This is my second year doing this, and I cannot wait :) I've been so busy with school, and now I finally have time to post and to grant some wishes!

My wishlist:

1. Help with fundraising for my parents. They live in Russia, apartment was broken into, they lost ALL of their life savings. I'm already at over 50% of my goal and it's totally my mission to help them recover. You can read the full story in my lj.

2. Cat toys - Taffy would love some.

3. Recommendations for apps for Blackberry curve

4. Cookbooks - any kind

5. Stickers

6. Anything kawaii/ Hello Kitty/ TokiDoki etc

7. Anything you'd like to contribute for my art projects - I'm especially looking for "found objects" that hold some meaning to you that you'd be willing to part with. You can see my art here.

8. Visits to my cooking/ chef'ing blog!

(contact info: berezina (()))) brandeis.edu, email/ comment/ PM for address!)

Thank you, thank you and Happy Holidays to the whole community!


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I have some stickers I can send your way! :) Mind sending me your address? My email is ceolas@gmail (dot)com