Happy holidays to everyone!

My name's Eva Joanne, a 19-year-old girl from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, currently living in Fevik, Norway as au pair. This is my first time participating in this lovely community and I'm very excited. After posting this, I'm going to have a check on what wishes I might be able to fulfil! Happy Christmas!

1) Anything that has to do with Jorja Fox (for those of you know don't know her: she's Sara Sidle from CSI and Maggie Doyle from ER). She's the person I admire most in this world, she's my idol. Icons, blends, banners, posters, music videos, fanfictions, signed objects, DVDs, anything is welcome. Even just personal stories of people who've met her. I'd also love to meet new LJ friends who adore this woman as well, so if you do, don't hesitate to add me!

2) Meeting new people in the area of Kristiansand, Norway. I've recently moved here for six months to be an au pair and I love it here, but I'd really love to get some friends here. So if you live in that area or if you are an au pair there as well, contact me.

3) Recommendations on good music. I'm a music addict and I'm always up for new music. I listen to rock, indie rock, country and folk.

4) Readers and reviewers for my fanfiction. I love writing and I appreciate feedback very much. Check http://www.fanfiction.net/~sarastar for my stories.

5) New, inspiring, nice, interesting, fun LJ friends. It's been a bit quiet around my friend's list lately and I really love to meet new people with whom I have some things in common. Check my profile to see if we do!

6) All kinds of nice flatpicks. Ever since I caught a The Fray flatpick at their concert, I've wanted to collect them and use them to play my guitar.

7) Used and preferably signed pointe shoes. Just like flatpicks, I collect old pointe shoes from dancers. I've danced ballet since I was six and it's my passion. I got the pointe shoes of a principal dancer of the Dutch National Ballet awhile ago and I was so happy. So if you're a ballerina and you need new pointe shoes, don't throw your old ones away, but sign them and send them to me! Or if you know a (famous) dancer and are able to get me a pair of theirs, that'd be amazing. I especially love special kinds of them, in unusual colours for example, but anything's welcome.

8) Tickets to live concerts. I'm addicted to live music and I'm dying to see a few of my favourite bands/artists some time: Kate Voegele, The Corrs, Paramore, The Veronicas, Taylor Swift, Regina Spektor, The Fray, Maria Mena, Aly & AJ, Michelle Branch, Jessica Harp, Sharon Corr.

9) I'm a singer and guitar player and I've always had this wish to write my own songs, but as of yet I haven't been successful. I'd love to cooperate with someone who has some experience in it, who knows what kind of beautiful music we could create together!

10) Inspiring quotations, sentences, thoughts. I love decorating my room with beautiful sentences that cheer me up or give me courage.
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10) My fave Einstein quote:
Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy. - Albert Einstein
Hi there ^_^

I'd be happy to be your LJ friend. I also LOVE CSI, and I Sara Sidle is like my favorite character LOL. I love writing, too, and I do fanfiction periodically. And Taylor Swift is like my fave EVER.

Speaking of that, I'll be sure to pop over to fanfiction.net and check those out when I get the chance (meaning not busy with schoolwork LOL)

Happy holidays to you ^_^

There's two quotes I love-

"For those with wings, fly to your dreams."


"I want to try to live my life carrying all my memories with me. And even if those memories are painful, even if they do nothing but hurt me I want to keep them. Even those memories I sometimes wish I could forget. As long as I carry them with me, as long as I can keep holding on; then someday, someday I'll be strong enough those memories don't hurt me anymore and I'll be glad I have them. That's what I believe with all my heart."

I know the second one was long, but it actually has helped me when times are tough. It reminds me that it will get better.
I can send you some quotes, and also some mp3s if you give me your email address? :)
3. Nick Drake, Tony Lucca, Mika.

"We become what we give ourselves the power to be." -A Unk

"As soon as you trust yourself you will know how to live."-Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Happy holidays to you!!