Merry merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

i like my games, they are fun, so those gifts are just as loved as anything else. Thank you. Have a wonderful Christmas.

1. Gaia online things user: sirs shadow

2. Moshi Monster gifts: Sirsshadow

3. Neopets gifts: Sirsshadow

4. Pampers codes please.

5. codes from soda caps.

6. online credits of any kinds.

7. Referrals for online games, survey sites etc.

8. e-cards are wonderful things.

9. Icons since i have no idea how to make them.

10. Surprise me.

Okay, the icon with this comment is made for you--hope it is okay. (Paint is not the best program, but I know how to use it adequately.)
I'll send some neopets stuff later tonight or tomorrow. My name there is wwfchickerica.