5:00 am, 10 Dec 2009

Hey everyone! This isn't my first year participating in this, but I haven't participated every year. My nickname is Spai, and I'm from Tennessee, USA. This year's been a tough one for a lot of reasons - my grandmother passed in April, dad lost his job, stepmother is now paralyzed from the waist down, and I'm having serious back issues which are steadily reducing my own ability to walk.

I honestly want a lot of things, and I'll post some of them here, but anything at all would be nice. I doubt a lot of these could be granted, anyway. =]

1 Any help at all with medical bills. Whether it be advice on a place to go to help get them paid, money for them, or the name of some kind of company that helps with them.

2 Gift cards! Any bookstore, whether online or off - I'm not picky!; Starbucks; or a prepaid Visa/debit card (those can be used almost anywhere, even just $5).

3 Anything from China or Japan. Whether it be stuffed animals, candy, pictures, or postcards. Anything will do. I love Japanese candy, especially chocolates, and I really miss everything about China. =]

4 A way to see my boyfriend for Christmas. We actually met on livejournal, and haven't been able to meet in person yet, but talk on the phone/through texts every day. He lives in NYC and I live in Tennessee, so it's difficult to afford to visit, especially the way things are. Encouragement is welcomed, too!

5 Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 edition. Looooooong shot lol, I definitely do not expect anyone on LJ to send me this as a gift although I would love it. :)

6 Any handmade clothes/accessories, but not jewelry. (I don't wear much jewelry.) I love scarves and such, and my favorite colors are red/burgandy/wine, blue, and brown/coffee/tan, but bright colors are great too. I need more color in my wardrobe!

7 Anything from my Amazon wishlist, especially anything Battle Royale-related!!

8 Some way to call cell phones in Korea. I don't have international calling, and Skype doesn't support calling Korean cell phones.

9 A new cell phone! Preferably Chinese or Korean, but I really want a Blackberry. USED is of course fine, and expected! If you have one that you want to get rid of, send it my way, don't throw it out~. Even if it has problems; I'm pretty proficient with electronics, so I can probably fix it.

10 To have my back heal in time to return to school for spring semester. :( I'm already behind due to numerous hospital visits etc this semester... so I really hope that I can be up and running again so I don't fall any further behind!!

My email address is yoshihara.dai@gmail.com... please comment here and email if you want to send something. Also, leave a link to your list so I can return the favor!!

<3 Happy holidays!!
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I've got state-covered Tenncare, but I'm still afraid it won't cover everything that needs to be done, They're extremely picky with paying for things.

My stepmom has applied for, and been denied, Medicaid. I don't know the exact details, but she's not eligible for it for some reason. Trust me, that was the first thing we tried. :/ Thank you though!! I really appreciate the help.
Oh, long-distance relationships are tricky. I am in one of those now, and while we have met in person and we live much closer than you and your BF do, it's not easy.

The best advice I have is: If you can't go to NYC and he can't come to TN, maybe you could meet somewhere in the middle? I live in Boston and my BF is in PA, and both times we've been together in person have been in NYC. Buses are cheaper than planes (of course, then you'd need to get a hotel room.)

Best of luck to you two-- these things can work if you don't give up hope! And Happy Holidays!
Yeah, that's one thing we've thought about - meeting in the middle. Unfortunately he can't travel right now because he has swine flu/h1n1 (yuck)... So, I'm hoping to be able to go visit him and stay a few days to help take care of him. :)

Question: have you ever taken a greyhound bus by yourself? I never have, and I'm a little skeptical about doing it... so if you have any experience it would help.

Thank you so much! Good luck to you and your bf, and happy holidays! <3
Oh yeah, I take buses alone all the time (not Greyhound specifically, but comparable ones). Plus, Greyhounds have wi-fi so if you have a laptop you can distract yourself. If you really need peace of mind, try to get a seat near the driver, or at least sit next to another woman on her own.

Hope he feels better!