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Hello everyone!
My name is Evelyn and I'm a 22-year-old college student from Brazil.

I participated here last year and it was absolutely awesome! It bought a smile to my face everytime I sent/received something and I met great people!

My wishes are...
1. Paid time/extra user pics

2. A moleskine. I love to draw things and write quotes and I keep losing my drawings cause I don't have a moleskine yet. And they don't seel it here :(

3. Any Jason Mraz related things? By traditional mail please? I like to touch, smell, carry with me hehehe! I'm in a Jason Mraz addicted moment.

4. This has been my dream thing to get ever since I discovered Etsy a long time ago. Necklaces are so special to me cause I like to carry things with me (guess you noticed!).

5. I love all things OWL related. And I would like to have something prety hanging in my bedroom cause I'm planning to make it a different and more happy place for the new year. I spend good time of the day there after all!

6. Anything related to Paris and London. I find both places breathtaking and I love to get to know a little bit more a bout those places.

7. Anything by traditional mail related to Harry Potter and Twilight series. Those things make my happy.

8. Postcards. I have a collection and I'd like to add some more so I can hang it on my wall some time this year. Love them!

my email is:
Happy Holidays!
Hey, do you have any Jason Mraz live cd's already? Because I got an acoustic live cd, GREAT quality, on my computer. Let me know if you want it either as a .zip file or burned on a cd and sent through mail. x
I have the three singles (We sing EP, We dance EP and We steal things EP) and they're all live.

But he released another live CD + DVD this September I think called Beautiful Mess: Live From Earth. And I don't have that one.

do you know from which live performance are your songs?
Would love to send postcards. Email worstxintentions at gmail dot com with your info and the subject "Holiday Wishes - Postcard"
I can send you a postcard from Hawaii.

drop me a line at
subject: Holiday wishes/postcard
Please in e-mail place your username and wish link this will make things easier for me.