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Hello, Everyone. I'm Rain - a multi-year participant of this fine community. I'm old (DOB:1973) and living in a frozen wasteland (Pennsylvania). I live at home to care for my Dad (has cancer) and I work in a hospital as a medical laboratory technician. I'm a total geek and goof. I'm also an avid crafter and artist (I draw my own weekly comic strip). Now, for my wishes!

Warm Fuzzies (Giving things to help everyone, not just me.)

1) Donate Blood.
As I mentioned, I work in a hospital's laboratory. Part of my job is working in our blood bank. Even if there isn't a crisis in the news, we still need blood donations. There are a lot of illnesses people can have that pertain to their blood and they need transfusions so that they can live. You may not know it, but whenever you donate blood, it's as if you're saving a life.

2) Get a fake Christmas tree OR please recycle the real tree.
Or, better yet, if you get a real tree, plant a seedling to replace the one you took. We all need oxygen and trees are great for making it. (I wonder if how a tree makes gas is the same as how humans make gas? What if the whole forest farted at once? I did tell you I'm a goof, right?)

3) Use tote bags, not the plastic bags, when shopping.
I know, I know. "I have a few of those bags but I never remember to bring them with me." I've been there. I even said that. While shopping one day at a gift shop, I found these bags that are lightweight but extremely strong but can fold up and fit in your purse/backpack. Really! They're about the same size as my cellphone. Plus, I don't know about you, but I go through a lot of gallons of tea... and they just rip right through a plastic shopping bag. Not a cloth one, though!

4) Donate money or time to a charity.
This year has sucked for so many people. I'd personally appreciate it if you would give to a charity of your choice. Help a brother/sister out. Not just here on LJ, but in your local community, too. A food bank will gladly take that can of SPAM from your shelf. (If nothing else, they can use it as a brick in a new addition or something.)

Gimme Gimme (Enough of that touchy feely crap! Gimme presents!)
5) Organizing Tips.
I am a crafter. Drawing, painting, rubber stamping, collage making, bead stringing, bead embroidery, crochet, knit, sewing, quilting... I can go on and on talking about my artsy fartsy interests... what I canNOT do, however, is organize this stuff! I have an itty bitty art studio (affectionately known as my Messtudio) and I have tons of stuff jammed in there. Any tips or tricks on organizing - or, come over and help me straighten it up - would be GREATLY appreciated!

6) Comic Strips.
I love comics. "Dilbert", "Get Fuzzy", "Frazz", etc. Love 'em. Send me ones that you like. I have a lot of books of comic strips, too. Got the old school stuff ("Peanuts" and "BC") to the mandatory ("Calvin and Hobbes", "The Far Side", "Bloom County"). Would love to see some that I'm not familiar with. (Yes, I know. I draw my own but I love them!)

7) Crochet/Knitting Stuff.
Hooks, needles, patterns, books, yarn scraps, stitch markers, patterns YOU made, I'd love and cherish it forever. Photocopies of patterns are hunky dinky dory, too. Yarn can be anything, too. I'm not a yarn snob... more of a yarn whore. One of my New Year's Resolutions is to make things for charity - hats, blankets, etc. - and donations of yarns and patterns would be awesome!

8) Information on Charities.
As I stated in #7, I want to donate more to charities. I know of a few that accept homemade gifts (Hat Box, for instance) but I'd like to have a few that I can send things to. If you have a place near you that wants blankets, shawls, hats, scarves, etc., I'd like to know about them, please.

9) LJ Friends.
Can never have too many friends. Check out my profile and see if we have anything in common. If so, note me. I'm a regular poster (every day, usually) and I read my friends journals. May not post a comment every day, but I will/do read.

10) Mix CDs.
I listen to pretty much most anything. I would really like some smooth jazz or new age stuff... but I also love punk rock and new wave (child of the 80s).

Thanks for taking the time to read my list. I appreciate your interest in this community and hope that, if you don't grant one of my wishes, you at least have one of yours given to you.

You can contact me with a comment here or an email to: rainoubliette at gmail dot com.

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I support and go to the BTF every year which is a theater festival in Stockbridge MA. They are not for profit and house all their actors and are always looking for sheets and donated items. I brought a ton of blankets last year and they were very appreciative.
I'll keep them in mind when making blankets. :) Thanks so much for responding to my list. :) Happy holidays!
Ha! We've been so good about shopping with backpacks and tote bags that we didn't realize how low our plastic bag stash was getting - until we had nothing to clean the litter box with!
That is how I know to get more bags, too - when I can't find anything to put the litter in.

Thanks for replying to my post! Happy Holidays!
i am a platelet donor here in Philly....i get bounced a lot due to iron and etc, but i do donate !

i list charities in my Lj all the time, most recently a friend is sponsoring an orphanage in russia

if you search the knitting tags.... i think you will find a link of knitting/crochet charities i did.. ummm. last year?
one lesser known one is warmer winters in Massachusets, but there is always a bunch of them...

yarn tends to be expensive to mail.. but you said you are in PA? i am wondering if i will be out your way anytime soon... because if so i could just hand you a box
I'm in York County, PA, just south of Harrisburg. I have friends in Philly that I visit every so often. I would love to meet you. :) I'm always using yarn of different varieties. I'm in love with bulky stuff now after making a hat and scarf set as a gift this year. I've also found a quick way to make afghans using polar fleece and adding a crocheted edging. They're very warm. I made one for a gift exchange and my friends got into a bit of a quarrel over who got my gift. Looks like I know what to make for next year, too. Ha ha! :D

If you'd like a friend, I'm open. :)

Hrmm ... let's see what I can do ...

2. Allergic to the out of doors, so our christmas tree comes from a box! I encourage people to go fake - it's easier to care for, doesn't shed, and the best part? You only have to buy one and you're set for life!

3. We discovered the joy of reusable bags this year. Grocery shopping for 3 kids takes up a lot of bags, and I'd rather deal with eight tote bags than twenty plastic bags. Oh, and here's something fun to eat up time and plastic bags - I take donations of plastic bags from friends who still get them and make plastic bag yarn - which then goes to make more reusable bags! (I do try to get some of the finished bags back to said friends to encourage them to stop getting plastic bags.)

5. shoeboxes and copy paper boxes. they're uniform size, have lids and are great for stuff storage. Also, if your local grocery store or wine shop will come off of them, wine boxes with the dividers for the bottles still in place work wonderfully for yarn! I have some on their sides, stacked on top of each other and taped together for wall o' yarn storage.

7. if you're willing to wait a bit, i'll be cleaning out my stash come spring and could send you some things!

8. Check with your local homeless shelter. Also, animal shelters sometimes will request things like small blankets and cushions for cages.

9. will do after i finish this comment!

10. once again, if you're willing to wait a bit (getting to the post office isn't happening this week) I could raid my mp3's and come up with something interesting!
Our tree is fake. It's nice as the cat won't climb it or use it as a scratching post. Plus, they aren't as big of a fire hazard.

I've made rugs using plastic bag yarn. Very durable and cost effective. I like your idea too! :D I'm giving three friends bags for the holidays.

Neat idea about the wine bottle box yarn rack. I like that. Thanks!

Oh! New friend! *Dances* WHEE! Yarny people are the best peoples. :) Will add back.

I'm in no hurry for the holidays to get here. I can wait. :)

Thanks for responding to my list. It's so nice to meet you.
Yar! Tis Fluffy Beard, the pirate cat icon! That's too funny! :D

Thanks for the add. It's nice to meet people who aren't so young that I could have given birth to them!

Also, any friend of cats is a friend of mine.
As far as charities go, you should check into your local hospice care. I've volunteered there ever since my grandfather died of cancer, and there is always a need there. You could also donate those items to a nursing home.

I would also love to be your LJ friend!
Murfreesboro? OMG! One of my best friends live in McMinnville! :D Ha!

Friended back!

Thanks for the info on donations. :)
I'd love to add you, as another "old person" and Pennsylvanian!
I know this might be an odd question, but I thought maybe you would know? If you are on a lot of medicines, can you still donate blood? Like anti-depressants or pain medicine.
If you're on anti-depressants, yes, you can donate blood. As for pain meds, I don't know for sure. (Heads to Google.) OK. Here's you a site: http://www.bloodbook.com/donr-requir.html that has if you can or cannot donate. Scroll to about midway down and there is info on medical conditions.

Thanks for taking an interest.

Happy Holidays.
#9 - added you. We have a few interests in common.
#10 - may be able to do something about some music. Do you prefer zipped files or a CD?
Thanks. I'm always up for meeting new people. :) Will add back. :D It's so nice to meet you! And you're around my age! God knows we seem to be a rarity online. Heh.

Music. CD is fine. I'm on dial up (the curse of country livin') so for me to download stuff, it ties up the phone line for hours. Heh.

Your waterfall icon is very calming. I like it. :)
tree recycling
Along the Gulf Coast, people are able to recycle natural trees by leaving them out on certain days. Volunteers make sure the trees are free of decorations, bind them together and then put them along the coast in cradles to help with erosion. I know that's way far away from you, but hopefully if someone coastal sees it maybe the idea will spread :)
Re: tree recycling
Wow! That's a neat idea! And a great one! Thanks for sharing that. (Science geek, sorry. Stuff about geology and ecology are very interesting to me.)
Awesome on 3,4,2. :D Thanks.

OMG. I love "Pearls". The crocs make me laugh. I have a huge collection of books of comic strips. I just love them. Dilbert, Pearls, Get Fuzzy, Frazz, Far Side, Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Bloom County, Wizard of Id, Tumbleweeds, Foxtrot, etc etc. :D

I was just reading your user info page: you went to Charlestown, WV, for school? (American Military University) I'm from WV, but along the Ohio River area. Ha ha!

My father served in the US army and was stationed in Germany for a time. :)

Welcome. Will add as a friend.
I'm going to come back to this...I'm getting ready to go away for the weekend, so I'm in a hurry.

I do have a list of crafting donation options for you...I've been involved with many of them at one time or another, or am planning to become involved. So here's my list!

Knit One, Save One

Project Linus

Bed sock pattern...handy for shelters/soup kitchens etc

Afghans for Afghans

Blankets for the Gulf

Caps for a cure

Care Package, Inc

Chemo Caps

Cubs for Kids

Hats 4 the Homeless

heart 2 heart angels

Knitting for Noggins

Luba's Blanket

Mother Bear Project

Newborns in Need

Socks for Soldiers

Warm Up America!

I'm also a blood and platelet donor, and am also on the bone marrow registry.