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Hi, my newlywed hubby and I met here on Live Journal and this is like the 4th year I participate on the LJ Christmas exchange project. ^_^ <3 it! We live in Florida. I've never seen snow so I'm very excited hubby will be taking me back to his hometown in Wisconsin to see snow this winter. *_* Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! God bless!!!

1. Winter clothes and accessories since we buy very little of that here in Florida and I'm going to be needing some for our trip to Wisconsin this year. Things like winter gloves, winter hats, scarfs, sweaters (size XL), snow boots (size 7)
2. Hot drinks and Christmas treats: Hot Cocoa Mix, Hot Cider Mix, Christmas Mugs, any Christmas treats like candy canes. Haven't had POCKY in a long time! ^_^
3. Christmas Tree Ornaments. We're still building our ornament collection. We love Hot Air Balloons and would LOVE a Hot Air Balloon ornament, but really any pretty Christmas ornaments or decorations for the tree.
4. YoVille (our new addiction)- Would LOVE YoVille gift cards found on places like Target (located with the Online Gaming Cards in the DVD/CD area of the store) , and 7-11.
5. Christmas music CDs (burned CDs)
6. Make up and Halloween costume accessories. I like dressing up and playing with things like fake eye lashes, Halloween wigs, wings, fishnet stockings, glittery make up, lip gloss, and nail polish. Any nail pretty nail polish or lip gloss. Cute hair accessories.
7. Glass Beads or Jewelry Making supplies. I love beading and making jewelry.
8. Florida Attraction Tickets!
9. Gas cards to help us with our Holiday travels.
10. My dream (material) gift for this Christmas would be a new or better laptop since mine is dying :( and we can't afford a new one yet.

contact: mari.kellman@gmail.com
Awww, just knowing you would had gifted me your tickets again is sweet. *HUGS* Thank you!
Do you still live in Tampa? :)