It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Hi! I'm Erica, a 26 year old university student studying Philosophy and English. I can't believe it's already the middle of December. Christmas is so soon! It's ridiculous how quickly it comes around now that I'm older! When I was a kid, it always seemed to take forever.

I only wish it felt like Christmas! Once the semester is over, perhaps it will. Next week I get to go home, and as it's been a difficult semester, I am definitely looking forward to that.

In a day or two, I hope to be able to look through the lists and see what sort of wishes I can grant! For now, though, here is mine.

1. I am a junior now, and I will be getting ready to take the GRE next fall, so my first question would be, does anyone have any GRE prep books sitting around that you don't need anymore? I would love to get my hands on some without actually having to purchase them. Or, in lieu of that, any advice on the GRE and ways to prepare for it would be fantastic.

2. Along the same wavelength as the previous request, I would love any advice on grad school in general. I am a Philosophy major with minors in Classics and English looking to, ultimately, get my PhD in Philosophy. I am currently looking into programs at UNC - Chapel Hill, Vanderbuilt, and University of Georgia - Athens. Does anyone attend these schools? Or have any recs about various Philosophy departments? Anyone else getting their Masters/PhD in Philosophy? I'm already feeling overwhelmed with getting writing samples together and applying. I would love any advice you have!

3. I would love new friends on any of my services. Facebook, Livejournal, Googlewave (especially here!! I just got it, and I don't know anyone yet!) , Myspace, any of the above, all of the above. I don't care. :D

4. New music recs/Mixed cds of your favorite music (I love these!)/mp3s I like pretty much anything. Classical stuff would be great. I am partial to violin, especially Itzhak Perlman, so burned stuff, or even mp3 copies of his stuff would be great.

5. Book recs. I don't get a lot of chance to read during the semester, but as I'm about to be out for nearly a month, I would love to do some nonacademic reading :D I am a YA junkie but other stuff would be great as well.

6. Pen pals. I love getting mail, really, and I would love having someone to write to with some regularity.

7. Anything related to Catholicism. I am extremely interested in converting, and I enjoy reading about the church and learning more. I would also like a rosary. It's become a bit of a joke -- though it's not funny -- that I wasn't meant to have one. I've purchased 3 and all 3 have fallen apart -- literally. Or a crucifix pendant would do.

8. Fandom: I am involved in Twilight, HP, and SVM/Trueblood fandom. My ships are fairly eclectic and a bit unconventional -- for HP, I enjoy slash more than het (not sure why, really). Some Snarry, but mostly Harry/Tom or Draco/Tom. Het. I like is Tom/Narcissa, Snape/Lily, or Sirius/Lily. Any recs for fics there would be great. --For Twilight, I enjoy Jacob/Bella or Bella and any other werewolf. I am partial to imprint stories. Again any recs for these would be great. With SVM, It's just Sookie/Eric for me. Whew, that was a list. So, anything involved with these would be great: icons, graphics, stories, recs, whatever. I wouldn't mind doing an exchange with fics either.

9. Obligatory food requests.I have recently become addicted to tea. Earl Grey and Chai mostly, but I am willing to try anything. It would have to be bags, though, because I live in a dorm and have to use the microwave to make them. I would love Pocky, too. All I can find here is chocolate and strawberry which get a bit old. Any thing else would be great.

10. This is a long shot, but I would love a digital camera. Doesn't have to be fancy, doesn't have to be new, something very basic. I would like to attempt a 365 days of me project and a camera is pretty essential to this.

Thanks in advance, everyone, and I'm looking forward to granting some wishes as well!

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I'll be sending you an email - I have a few things that can fulfill #7. I have about 20 rosaries laying around the house right now, and I'd love to know what kind of stones/colors you like, so I can send you one - or three. ;)
I gave all my GRE study materials to a friend, but I just took it and I can give you advice if you have questions! Message me if you'd like. I was also raised Catholic, was an altar girl, and my grandpa is a deacon so I can discuss the church with you as well! :)
What sort of math is on there? I've yet to take my one math class that I need, so I am mostly nervous about that.
I'd be happy to add you as a friend on LJ and, if you e-mail me at auralily2000 at with your info, I'll add you on Facebook, too : )
Oh, darn, I just sent my GRE prep book and flashcards off to someone else! :( Having just taken it in November, though, my advice is: study study study! Find a study group so you can quiz each other. Be prepared for the test to include geometry as well as algebra, and definitely study vocabulary for it. I found that reading some Jane Austen and Charles Dickens helped with some of the vocab. :) Most importantly, make sure that you are healthy and focused the day of the test- eat a good breakfast (with protein in it), get a good night's sleep the night before, maybe take an aspirin to ward off any stress headaches, and be hydrated. Take your time on each question- rushing through will only cause you more stress. And best of luck!
I added you as a friend - it looks like we have a bit in common. :) I can/will add on Facebook, too, if you give me a link to your profile.

I'm also a YA junkie. What are some of your favorites? I'd recommend anything by John Green or Maureen Johnson and enjoyed Libba Bray's series (but not Going Bovine, for some reason).

I'd also be up for penpalling if you'd like!
Awesome, thanks! is the link. I accepted your add on here, too. Penpaling would be awesome as well. It would be better to start that when I come back to school after the holidays, though. :D Thanks again.
Best of luck on the GRE! I found that was a big help in studying for the verbal section. I believe levels 40+ or so are GRE level. Good luck on exams and have a great break!
Hi Erica! I have two GRE prep books if you'd like them. I ended up not having to take the GRE to get into my program so you are more than welcome to them. Send me your address to visionshadows[at]gmail[dot]com.
Hello! Since I can't offer anything else from your list, I can at least try to be your friend -- both here and on FB, should you be interested.