Happy, Happy Holidays!!!

Happy holidays to you all! I love this community so much and every year that I participate, I get to give and meet so many wonderful people!

Here's my list.

1. Holiday cards for my mom. As my mom gets older, more of her family and frieds pass away(This year both her sister(my auntie) and best friend died). So she gets less and less mail.
2. A pen pal or three from America. I would really enjoy writing people through the postal mail again. I love getting and sending mail. :)
3. Do something relaxing for yourself. In the rush of the holidays we often forget ourselves.
4. Recommendaions for any good crafts sites. I love doing crafts and are always looking for new ideas.
5. Donate food or a toy to those in need. Even if you donate one can of fruit or a bag of beans or a coloring book, every bit helps a lot. As a child a greatly benfited from people who donated.
6. For everyone to have a wonderful holiday season and a wonderful new year!

Happy holidays again and warm rays of sunshine from California to you! And thanks in advance!!

My contact info if you would like my address or my mom's: cmd77@webtv.net
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I can do # 5 I donate this time of year to Toys for tots and the Lokahi tree.

And I'd love to be your pen pal.

Thanks! I'm so happy that you donated every year. There's just so many people out there who really need it.

Do you want to email your address? I can write you first if you want. :) My email is cmd77@webtv.net.

Do you have a wish list this year?

Happy holidays to ya!
No I don't think I have. I'll definitly check it out. Thanks for the link!

Do you have a wish list?

Happy holidays to you!
You might try Craftster - http://www.craftster.org It's a gigantic message board with sub-boards for all sorts of crafts. Everyone shares their latest projects, get ideas, ask questions, offer tutorials and there are even themed craft swaps you can sign up for to exchange your crafty goodies for someone else's. It's a lot of fun and great because everyone there "gets" what it means to be a crafter!

Have a beautiful holiday season!
Yes I love it! I used to always use Craftster but I completly forgotten about it! Thanks for the reminder. :)

I put a link for your jewelry website in my LJ. I'll also add one on my craft journal and in email. I love your work!

Have a wonderful holiday season as well!
If you like your craft on the interesting side, I have to recommend, the Anti-craft! http://www.theanticraft.com/

Other than that, I took my daughter shooping today so she could choose our gift for the Angel Tree...specifically, we went shopping on behalf of a prisoner so their child has something under the tree from their mother or father who (obviously) can't be with them for Christmas. We also bought food for Christmas miracle hampers.

Lastly, I would love to send a card to your mother. Could you email me her details - to katewoolard at hotmail.com - just let me know it's for a card, please?
I love that site! I know I'll be saving that one! Thank you so much!

I got a bit teary eyed thinking about parents who are in prison around the holidays. As well as their children. I wish there was a program like that here.

You are teaching your daughter such goodness by buying the present and food. Thanks for sharing that with me. Cheers to you!

And thank you so much for sending my mom a card. They mean so much to her. I will send you her address.

Happy holidays to you and your family!

Thanks so much! I sent her info to you.

I hope you have a happy holiday season and a great new year!

Btw, I love your icon. :)
#4 Craft sites
www.norajean.com has free Polymer Clay tutorials, and matching Yahoo Groups list for swaps, tips and fun.

www.butterblush.com is a digital scrapbooking storefront with exquisite kits at great prices.

www.digistitch.com sells software that you can use to make cross-stitch patterns out of your own pictures, or other graphics, in DMC colors.

Re: #4 Craft sites
Oooh those sounds promising! I've been wanting to do clay for a while. So perhaps I'll find some tips. And I already do cross-stich but I never thought about being able to do photos. That I like a lot. Thanks for suggesting those. Awesome!

Happiest of holidays to you and cheers to a great new year!
Awesome! Thanks! Give me your email and I'll email you my address. Where do you live in California?

Happy holidays! :)
Sounds great! My email is herbrokensmile@hotmail.com. I go to school in Santa Barbara but I'm originally from Sacramento. What about you?
I had a friend who went to school in Santa Barbara. I live in a small town about 30 minutes from San Francisco. I'll email you now.