Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone. I'm Amanda from Glasgow, Scotland. I'm 20, just finished an HND in Animal Care and about to start university to study Midwifery.
This is my second year taking part in holiday_wishes, and thank you so much to those who sent me things last year, it's such a nice feeling getting a little something in the mail :) I didn't get to send out as much things as I wanted to, so this year it's my goal to do as many as possible. I'm stuck at home today with a chest infection, and thought writing this might cheer me up!

Dog Toys

or anything dog related really. I have a 13 month old Cavalier who loves toys so much that I'm constantly having to buy her new ones. She gets so attached to one it'll be destroyed within a day :( Any doggie things (like treats, small clothes etc) would be loved so much.

Christmas decorations

This is my second Christmas in my own house and last year it didn't feel Christmasy enough. Even 1 ornament from another country for the tree would be amazing.

Old jewellery

Any necklaces/bracelets etc that you don't wear anymore. My outfits are always looking so boring and I need to spice them up a little. Only not earrings, they would go to waste on my non-peirced ears :(

Mail / Letters / Postcards / Cards

I really can't describe how much I love getting mail from other countries. Postcards from your hometown or a Christmas would be great. A penpal would also be amazing, one who could speak Dutch would be even better. I'm trying to learn and have a few dutch friends, but I can never have too many!

Pins (especially disney)

I've always had a little collection of different pins and I've just started getting into the disney ones, so any spares you have laying around to get my collecting started would be amazing :)

Anything Birth related

Any old pregnancy books that you might have laying around. Studying midwivery I really love everything to do with birth etc, even any midwifery books but thats a long shot.

Crafting supplies

Any stickers / paper / ribbon / buttons / wool you might have laying around would so not go to waste. I make greetings cards and once I have enough I really want to open an etsy store, but some new things to give me fresh ideas would be awesome.

Lush Items

Another long shot, but I've recently became totally obsessed with this shop. There are soo many things I want to try so if you have half a bath bomb you don't want or something from there laying around you don't like, I'll happily take it off your hands!

Sign up for organ donation/donate blood

You're saving a life and it might seem like such a little thing to do but it will make you feel so good about yourself. I signed up for organ donation last month and I was so amazed how proud I felt getting my little card in the mail :)

LJ Friends

I always want more friends on LJ since all the people I have seem to slowly stop updating. I love reading and I do comment and update myself :) so check my profile and if we have anything in common add away.

My contact info is midnight_dreamer246@hotmail.com if you're able to fill any of my wishes.
I hope everyone has a good holiday, and doesn't get too stressed out with this time of year!
Go, midwives! They are awesome. :0)

I don't donate blood because they won't take me if my eczema is acting up (= all the time), but I am in the bone marrow registry, and you've just reminded me to check the organ-donor box on the back of my learner's permit.
Thanks! I so can't wait to start my training, I just want to get stuck right into it.

I haven't been able to donate blood in a couple of years because of surgery :( but hopefully in a couple of months I'll be in the all clear for it again.
Hi. I've got some Disney pins I could send. ♥
Please email your address to miss.cheriexx@googlemail.com
email incoming (am including my lj name lol) plz respond with address.

Yay for midwivery, yall women are my heros! Sadly I haven't found my perfect midwife yet despite being 28 weeks along but alas, home births are probably just not hip around here. All my birthing books are in German but I'd be up for penpalling if you'd like.