Christmas Cards for elderly lady

When I made my request before I forgot to ask for cards to be sent to an elderly lady we look in on. She is alone except for us and her neighbors (who keep good track of her) but she gets pretty lonely and would LOVE to have some cards (and Chuck Norris to come to her house for dinner some evening...)LOL!
Thanks so much!

send to:
Rosemarie Berry
641 Johnson Drive
Noel, MO 64854

God bless you all!
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Hee, good idea. I'm doing the same thing. It's more holiday-y and less weird than signing my real name. :)
Christmas, though she would not mind if it said Chanukkah, she'd just think it was French for x-mas! :)
I just put her on an envelope!She'll certainly get one from us!

Happy Holidays!
I'll definitely be sending her one! You guys aren't too far from me! (Northwest Arkansas)