Ho ho ho!

Hello everyone! This is my 4th year here and Holiday Wishes is really becoming a bright spot in my holiday season! I'm 26 years old and living in the central Virginia area. my birthday is actually Christmas day so soon to be 27! I'm a social worker and work with children and families and abuse/neglect issues. A few things I'd love are below, but really anything in my mailbox that isnt a bill brightens my day! :) I've already filled a few wishes myself this year and I plan to do several more! Hope everyone has a very very happy holiday season!

1. Candy. I'm a true chocolate addict, but I love just about any kind of candy or yummy treats. If there's something you have that isnt available in the US, that'd be awesome, but not necessary.

2. Chap stick. I love chap stick. Another true addiction for me! Haha. Any kind will be loved, from fancy to the one you got free at your dentists office. :)

3. www.paperbackswap.com credits. If you're not familiar with the site, check it out! If you have an extra credit you'd like to donate to me, I would love that! I get most of my books from there. My username on the site is the same as my lj username.

4. Pens. Have some that you like? That write well? I'd love to have one! Black ink or colors are equally loved. I do a lot of writing and paperwork at work, and my pens have a real knack for disappearing.
5. Tea. I was just recently introduced to the yumminess of tea! Black tea is my favorite. Send me a little bit (even just one teabag) of your favorite flavored black tea, or even any other kind of tea (green, etc). I'm expanding my horizons. :)

6. Photography. I've lived in my currently apartment for 2 years, but the walls are still sadly white. I love photographs, but dont have many of my own. I'd love a copy of a neat photograph you've taken! It can be of anything at all.. nature, people, animals, something silly... anything. It doesnt have to be artsy or professional! :)

7. Socks. The fuzzy cozy kind, simple cotton ones with a fun print.. anything. My hands and feet are always cold and I can never have enough warm socks. :)

8. Necklaces. New or old is fine! If you have something you dont wear anymore, or never really liked, I'd love it. I prefer silver-colored over gold-colored, and it definitely doesnt need to be expensive or flashy. Anything I can wear with casual or business-casual clothes is great.

9. Games. Games of any sort. I love card games, board games, or if you have any old Nintendo DS or Wii games sitting around, I'd love those too. I have basic playing cards, so instructions for your favorite card game would be fun too. Any type goes!

10. Holiday cards. Who doesnt love holiday cards? Last year I taped all my cards across the wall in my bedroom and it was really great. I'd love to get more to decorate with this year.

If you think you can grant any of my wishes, I'd be happy to send you my address. You can email me at gloworm6 AT gmail DOT com or comment here. Thank you so much!
Thanks so much! Got it. I just commented on your list as well, without realizing you'd commented here.. haha. Thank you! :)
Thank you so much!! I got it this morning. I really appreciate that! Happy holidays. :)
I'd love to send you a photo and a card! Please email worstxintentions at gmail dot com with the subject "Holiday Wishes - Photo" and your info.
Hey there,
Can you drop me your address at smallwaldo at Gmail dot com? (And remind me of your username when you do, so that I can remember what I planned to send). :)