hi everyone!

My friend had suggested I post a wishlist here, so here goes...

Wish List

1. paid LJ/extra icon time (who doesn't want that? LOL!)
2. money so I can get my son new clothes as he's outgrowing everything so quickly (paypal: cooljameslb@gmail.com - I think everyone could use money though, especially this time of year)
3. LJ friends
4. a friend where I live (in Humble, TX) so I'm not stuck in the house all the time
5. Scentsy gift certificates (http://csk.scentsy.us)
6. my amazon wishlist (http://amzn.com/w/22MF0NEVWUV7F)
7. sell more Avon (http://www.youravon.com/jaimevelasquez)

Other things I want are huge items that no one can help with like, a house, a car, furniture... lol.

Hope everyone has a good holiday!

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Can I be your LJ friend? :P

I love #5 hehehe

And what size clothes is Joey wearing now?
sure! :D

I knew you would :P

He's wearing 9 month stuff right now (barely fits some of his 6-9 month stuff). He needs anything over 9 months. My aunt had gotten him so much 6-9 month stuff, but it would've been nice if she went older too, lol.