Happy Holidays!

Hi there! :) Tis my third year doing this so I'm quite excited. I'll keep this merrily short: I just turned 25 and I'm living in California.

1. Friends on LJ. I went away for a while mostly because a lot of my friends stopped using theirs – I'd love to get back into the swing of things (or at least writing more) and it would be great to have some more friends.

2. Snail mail such as (but not limited to) postcards and letters. I only ever receive bills or marketing materials asking me to buy more. It would be nice to receive something different.

3. Donate to charity. I know this is a popular one – my favourites are the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Leukemia And Lymphoma Society, and UNICEF. Doesn't matter if you donate to my favourites or your favourites but leaving a comment would mean the world to me.

4. A surprise package for my roommate. One thing he always mentions to me is how he wish he'd get a package (a surprise gift) in the mail. He also suffers from only receiving bills in the mail and though I've given him gifts it's not quite the same. So if someone else could surprise HIM that would be great. It can be a completely random package but overall his interests include books (sci-fi, economics, general fiction, war, etc.) and games but frankly I think he'd be happy just to see anything.

5. Business cards. Yep, I collect them and if you're willing to send a few, that would be great. It would also be nice if you wrote something about the place on the back of the card.

6. Anything Alice in Wonderland related. ♥

7. Art scraps and materials -- much anything you don't want. Seriously, I cycle through my arts/crafts hobbies pretty quickly so I wouldn't mind new projects to tackle.

Contact: etc.holiday[at]gmail.com
Remember to link your wishlist :)
I can send you a card or something in the mail, and at least a card to your roommate as well if you'd like. Do you mind giving his name? (If not, that's okay too!) And what kind of business cards are you wanting? I can send you one of mine.. but it's my personal business card (with my agency name etc), not just a company card. Let me know if you youd want that or not. Email me your address to gloworm6 AT gmail if you can. :)

And you asked for a link to my wishlist... I just posted it right after yours apparently!

^^ I donated to Heifer International (A non-profit that provides animals like chickens, cows, goats, etc, to families in third world countries.).
Thank you! It gives me such cheer and joy to see others helping out.
Hi there! I don't have the means to provide anything else on your list, but I can surely offer to be a friend, should you want me to.