Happy holidays!

It's been absolutely forever since I was last on LJ, so mods, if I posted in the wrong place, let me know! Hi everyone. My name is Elise. I'm a seventeen year old vegan living in New Jersey, USA. I'm a junior at my high school and I have a betta fish called Pongo. I'm very tight on money this year, so I'm afraid I can only offer cards in return, but I hope to return some wishes with proper gifts by next year!

1. Stationery / writing utensils - I love kawaii stationery and I'm trying to get back into penpalling, so I could use some! Also, I'm in desperate need of mechanical pencils. If you have any laying around, they'd be greatly appreciated.

2. Updated salsa or strip tease dance / work out DVDs - I'm big on fitness and I love salsa and striptease dancing. I can't find any "new" (meaning not from the 90s/early 00s, looking for closer to like 2005-2009) dvd segments on these! I'd like to improve on my salsa or latin dance in general, and stirp teasing is just fun. If you have any of these that teach you the steps or even just good work out DVDs you're not using, I'd love taking them off your hands. (I don't have a VHS/blue-ray, just a DVD player.)

3. A trial of the Acai Berry diet pills - I've gotten them before and miss them, ha. There are online trial versions, but they require a credit card. They send you two bottles (separately, usually) foranywhere from $.99-4.99. If anyone would like to throw me a bone, that'd be cool. They rev up my metabolism (I have hypothyroidism, so my thyroid is virtually slower than a 90yr old woman) and help me out. I'm not sure if this is the right website, but http://acaiberrybuys.com/.

4. Croatian language books / dictionaries - I am Croatian and am learning (quickly, I might add!) but I can use all the practice I can get. I haven't been able to find anything anywhere because it's a rather obscure language. I'd love you forever if you had anything I could learn from.

5. Edgy earrings - I'm not much of a girly girl, and I'm fond of piercings and such (I have eight ear piercings, my lip done, and a tattoo, and am getting my left tragus and tongue pierced coming up,*IF I FIND MONEY*). I need some new earrings, badly. The selection is horrid here. I don't like gold, and I'm not fond of hoops, unless they're little and black or silver (for my cartilages). I usually like ones that are multi-coloured and 'different' looking, i.e. things from Hot Topic and sometimes the 'green / environment' ones from Claires. :)

6. A job?! - Nobody is hiring around where I am, and as I don't drive (no money for lessons... well I can drive an automatic) I need something relatively close or that I can get to via bus (i.e. the Deptford Mall). If you are hiring or know somewhere hiring, please let me know! I'm incredibly hard-wroking and dedicated, plus a straight A student. I really want to help with the income in my family (my dad works two jobs).

7. Surprises - I love them. I'm very into literature, politics, theatre, baseball (hardcore Phillies fan), veganism, green/environment, quotes, and history. Anything you can throw my way, would be cool. :)

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of. Address upon request! Easier to email me @ Diqitalxkarma [@] aol.com.
I can send you some cute stationary. Please send me your snail mail address to hamsonthestreet@yahoo.com