Merry Christmas

Hi! I'm a 25 years old and live in Texas. I make jewelry which I have sold some. I have seven cats, yes that is seven. Four of them are just nine months I can remember them being born. We took their mother in who is a sweet heart. I couldn't bare to spliting them up cause their mother loves being a mom. So I now have seven cats. My favorite show is Supernatural on the CW. Love Dean Winchester. I love any gifts that could be given. I know money tight for a lot of people.

Wish List:

1) Cat Toys:
Anything with Catnip or a ball toys. To make my first christmas for my momma cat and her four babies and for our two oldest cats too. Oh a rough and tough boy and then our little diva. And I'm not joking about diva. :P

2) Manips (Art Work): Of a Chubby or Pregnant Dean Winchester or Jensen Ackles: I write mpreg's and now trying at chubby Winchester and like to have a picture to help me see it. Bonus: If I could get one of Sam/Jared cause I do have a story where they both are pregnant. Would love a banner for my LJ. Using mpreg or chubby as the theme but would want both boys in it. You can go a see what my color them but my icon tells you.

3) Supernatural Calendar: I want Dean Winchester one, if out then both Boys. They are limited.

4) My Ultimate Supernatural Rquest: It a banner sold at the very first convention. I've tried to get them off ebay the few times they came up but no luck. It will be going to a good home.

on request. Email:

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my request and fill it.

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