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Hello. My name is Gary.

("Hi Gary!" Oh wait, wrong meeting.)

This is my first time doing this. I've seen it around for a couple years though and think that it is a fantastic idea. Good job mods! Thank you.

My holiday list is pretty short and sweet.

I have two cats and a parakeet who are my life. There have been days over the past couple of years where they are the reason that I got up the next day.

Things are better now, just not financially. I would love to give them a nice Christmas.

So that would be

1. Cat toys and PetSmart gift cards. (since things for parakeets is awfully vague. :D)

I happen to run a writing competition on LJ. Especially during the holidays people tend to get distracted and the people putting their heart and souls into their work don't always get the attention that they deserve.

So that would be

2. Read and/vote for (but especially COMMENT) to entries you enjoy over at therealljidol. They are a fantastic group of people, and amazing writers. I would love if they were getting more attention. You DO NOT have to join the community in order to do any of this. Of course if you did, I certainly wouldn't complain!

I might as well throw in something for me into this thing too. So

3. Survivor buffs. I'm a die hard Survivor fan, who only has one buff (the Palau merged tribe that never ended up happening). I'd like more. If for some reason you have some/know where to get them cheap and want to send them along. I wouldn't complain about that either! :)

You can email me either through LJ or at clauderainsrm@gmail.com

Thank you doing what you do and keeping the holiday spirit alive.
I have a few people on my flist that take LJ Idol SO seriously and get really upset by peoples comments, so I'm happy to hang around and post positive comments on those that I think deserve it.