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Hello! My name is Empa. I'm 23, going to college [but I'm close to finishing up finally!]
This will be year three of my participating on this LJ Holiday Wishes event. :3 It's so much fun.
I hope everyone has a great, safe, and fun holiday! :3

Here's my wishes.

1. Bath soaps, salts, Body Sprays, lotions, etc.
Body sprays, bath salts, bubble bath. Anything that'll either make for a nice, relaxing bath, or just things that smell good like lotions or something. To be honest, I lived in the dorms for a long time and never really had a tub to use for a long time. Though now I have one and it's lovely, but I'd like some nice things to help me relax in it more because I'm always stressed.

2. Gift Cards
Any gift cards for anywhere really. Wal-mart, Applebees, or even Wii gift cards would be fun to have and get something fun maybe, aside from just stuff we need here at home.

3. Candies, snacks, sauces, etc.
I looove candies. Who doesn't? I'm really fond of Japanese snack foods, even not the sweet candies. Pretty much any kind of candy or snack is alright, as long as I can share it with my boyfriend. Though, any thing else, like sauces, would be yummy too. I'd really like foreign things, because in West Virginia, there's not really many places to go to get a variety of foodstuffs.

4. Paid LJ Account.
Well, I have a paid account, buy extra time or icons would always be super.

5. Friends.
Eh.. kind of depressing asking for this, but I'm really lonely lately. Most of my real-life friends are always too busy, or live too far away [I don't have a car to visit them], or just don't wanna hang around with me anymore for whatever reasons.
I also seem to have lost a lot of contact with my IM buddies, so, aside from when my boyfriend isn't home, I don't have anyone to talk to most of the time.

6. Second Life friends/money/items/etc.
I've been playing around on Seondlife a lot lately, and I'd love more friends to talk to. Maybe some L$, or items. Or even tips on building, especially good ideas on making sculpts or free programs to do so. My Username is Clayton Quintessa on there.

7. Bento supplies
I'm just recently getting into trying to make Bento lunches.. and well, I don't have any supplies really. I've been using plain old containers, but I think I'm getting a cute Pikachu box from someone, so I'd really like to have things to use with it! Recipes, dividers, sauce bottles, molds, etc.

8. Perler Bead Sprite Magnets
Perler beads are these, Click Here.
I'd really like some cute fridge magnets of any video game characters. Sonic, Final Fantasy, Pokemon... Though, a super special treat would be of Golbez and Setzer.

9. Art of my Furry character.Clayton (Click for a pic reference.). Have fun~ I love seeing various interpretations of him.
Or maybe icons of him, I'd love to see him in a cute icon, similar to the style used in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bihpXRPB3Rw
Animated would be cool, but not nessecary.

10. Suprise me!

If you want to contact me, my main email is robophile@gmail.com

For being friends/chatting, you can add me/comment on my page, or my messenger info is on my profile! Or, for Second Life, again my name is Clayton Quintessa

For mailing things, my address is given out in email only!
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mew check your email.

ack i didna tell you who i am in the email lol.. but you can always ask.

make sure you include your chars description with your addy.

We can talk on IM sometime if you want... I'm pinknnerdy there.

Other than that, Mountaineer or Thundering Herd? :) I grew up in South Charleston.
Okay, Thanks :3 My aim is yellowcoatrobot.

Thundering Herd! I grew up in Charleston mostly, then moved to Huntington for school.