A wishlist from Detroit

Hi! This is my first year doing this, and it sounds amazing. A little bit about me: I'm almost 22, and I live in Metro Detroit. I'm a 4th year English major and gender studies minor, and I'm hoping to go to grad school at University of Freiburg, in Germany. I like metal and rock music, feminism, Red Wings hockey, and volunteering.

  1. A home for Hobbs :'( This is the most important wish. Hobbs is an amazing dog at the pound where I volunteer. No one pays him any attention because he is a brindle pit, but he is great with kids, cats, and other dogs. He's just the most lovable thing, and we've had him there for months and months. If you have it in your heart, please give my angel a home.
  2. Cat toys. My cat, Elise, loves anything with string or catnip. But anything cat related is fine.
  3. Recipes or poems or prose that you've written on fancy paper, or just made to look cool.
  4. Anything that will help me learn German. Aside from the 501 Verbs book and the Scheisse! book, I have nothing, and I'm looking at moving to Germany, so I would really like to get a head start on the language.
  5. Books, especially if they're on feminism, fairy tales, mythology, sociology, or just anything that you think I would like.
  6. A drawing of me and my cat, digital or traditional. Or of anything, really. I'm not picky.
  7. Yarn! I just learned to knit and crochet.
  8. Colored contacts (unused, obviously). It doesn't matter how weird or stupid they are.
  9. Any Rammstein merch! I have their latest CD, one shirt, and their 3 DVDs. Everything else is burned, and I would like to own anything and everything, especially shirts.
If you're interested, please comment or message me for my address.
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That's wonderful! I'll PM you right now.

Here is a question I have, though: someone told me that the southern German dialect is really hard to understand 'cause it's kinda slurred. Is this true? I hope not!
As a fellow metro Detroit-er, I wish you all the best in finding a home for Hobbs! What a cutie! Unfortunately, I live in the dorms at my school, which has a very firm no dogs policy. He really deserves a good home though, so if I hear that anyone's looking, I'll pass it along!
Ohhhhh...Hobbs is beautiful! I would LOVE to adopt him. If only I weren't in Australia.

I am sending out all the new home for Hobbs vibes I can though. Not quite the same, I know...is there any other way I could help him? A donation or something?
I think there's a donation button on the bottom of his page. We at the shelter raised something like $600 for a surgery for him earlier this year (benign tumor) but it's probably depleted by now. And every little bit helps!

just interested in your contact details and a Name

Merry Christmas

I used to work at the SPCA in Brantford (here in Canada) and I fell in love with pitters.

If my town allowed pitbulls (I'm pretty sure they're banned) I know my boyfriend and I would snap Hobbs up in a second. He's GORGEOUS.

Also, can I see a pic of you and your cat? I can't promise anything but I can try drawing the picture for you! Or doing little sketches. Or something.
My town keeps trying to ban pits. It's really really horrible. I've never had a pit try to attack me at the pound, but I have had other dogs get nippy. I hate breedism.

And sure thing! Here we are:

and here's a better picture of her:

If you can't get anything out of it then that's fine!