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Hi this is my second year of doing holiday wishes, I found this community through my sister, like last year this list is mostly all for my kids. I'm a teacher, but will be let go in June, so I can't afford much this year, since I'm working on saving money. My kids are named Winnie who's 17, Anna who's 12 and David who's 8. This year has been rough with the divorce and having to start all over again.

1. Giftcards for Starbucks (I live on Starbucks, it helps me get through the day and my kids love their hot chocolate), Amazon (I love Amazon, because most of their stuff is cheaper than in stores) or Target (I love Target too, it's cheap and they have a lot of stuff there)

2. Any stocking stuffers for my kids- I listed their ages, so age appropriate stuff please. Winnie and Anna are typical girly girls, so like makeup (last year someone send these lip balms that were in a soda can and lip smackers, my girls love those especially Anna), sparkly stuff, jewerly, etc.. and David loves cars/trucks/trains/sponge bob/pokemon/bakugan

3. Stuffed Animals- we got a couple last year that my kids love and they would love to have more to help rebuild their collection that they lost during the divorce.

4. Snacks/Treats/Candies from other countries- I'm trying to get my youngest to experiment more with different foods and trying new things, so we would love anything you can send in this area. None of us have allergies so feel free to send whatever you can. And if you would like to trade we can do that too.

5. Anything Pink- for my daughters- they love the color pink

6. Twilight series- this is for my daughters, they are really into Twilight and would love to own the books, we checked them all out from the library a few times, but they would love to have their own copy. We do have the ebooks but having a hard copy would be nice.

7. new Headphones- this is more for me, but my headphones are always breaking so I would love to have a new one, since I live on my ipod

8. Anything from Disney or Nick shows for Anna and David. David loves Spongebob, Suite Life on Deck and Anna loves iCarly, True Jackson, Wizards of Waverly Place, Sonny With A Chance and Hannah Montana.

9. Books- my kids can never have enough to read, we go through a lot of books, we only own a couple, it would be nice to start a collection again

10. Surprise us anything you think my kids or I would enjoy that's not on this list, feel free to send out way.

Esther Lee
c/o Grace Lee
2142 21st Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94116

That is where you can send stuff, it has to go to my sister's for now.