Merry Christmas from Canada!

Hi everyone, my name is Lenore and I'm the busy mother of two wonderful children (not to mention wife to the incredible alphahubby Dave). We live in small town Canada and it's darn cold here! Enough about me, onto the good stuff. I only have two wishes this holiday season:

1. My friend hasn't had a great year but what she does have is a fabulous selection of tasty, tempting teas at her etsy store. It would really make her holidays brighter to rack up a few sales. And if you tell her *I* sent you, she'll throw in an extra surprise! Her store url is

2. BOOK SALES. My lifelong dream was to become an author and it came true this year. A small press publisher has listed my book Dead Girls, Dogs and Ponies among its' initial offerings. The problem is being new and small = no physical book, e-book only until sometime next year. However, the titles that sell the most will be the first to make it to actual book form and I would dearly love to hold my book in my hands rather than read it on the screen. You can purchase it directly from my publisher xoxopublishing at their website. Here is the direct link to the page to purchase my book: Selling some books would really make me happy. There might even be squeeing involved. The book is urban fantasy (Kelley Armstrong, Charlaine Harris, Kim Harrison, early Laurell K Hamilton) and it's about zombies, vampires, love, loss and redemption... and the coolest car ever. It retails for 5.95 Canadian. This would be my ultimate holiday wish. Thank you all for taking the time to read my list!
Oh, early LKH? I may just have to check that out. Ever since LKH went to hell I've been looking for a replacement. lol.
LOL... My stuff is dark and witty and as a bonus I can spell and have a good grasp of basic grammar! Thank you!
I am not a big vampire fan, but I read the excerpt with more speed than I normally read anything. It stuck to me.

With my next batch of cash, later this month you will have another buyer.