My Wishlist

Hi, my name is Simone (Si), I'm 26 years old. This was my first year as a doctor, and I've been working at a county hospital in a small town. I live in Brazil.
I know I'm posting this late. Last year I got lots of things from my wish list, so here is mine from this year!
Hopefully I'll be able to grant some wishes for you people!

1- Postcards, Christmas Cards, letters from all around the world. (it's always nice to make new friends)
2- Paid LJ Time
3- Lots of Cordy's Fics (Angel/Cordy; Spike/Cordy; or even Riley/Cordy)
4- Cordy Icons (same ship as fics)
5- Stuffed Animals
6- Anything pairing Dean/Brooke (Supernatural/OTH) - can be fics, icons, banners, vids...
7- Trinkets (bracelets, wristband, necklace...)
8- Stickers
9- Cute stuffs to put in my hair
10- Anything from Amazon to get my address
I'll send you a postcard! Can you email me your address and what I promised to

I can send you a card! Email me your adress to joykuh01 at hotmail .com and I'll send it out asap :)