If wishes were fishes...

Hey. I'm Eleanor, an 18 year old from just-outside London, England. Probably quite accurately described as a nerdy, childish and far-too-busy one. :P I've really enjoyed participating in this community the past couple of years, and this year seems to be really great too. So, happy holidays to you all! :)

My wishes:

1. Cards/letters. I like getting things through the post. :)

2. Interesting socks. Colour is good (although, neon, as everything, in moderation). Feet = Woman's 3-5 UK.

3. Stuff to put on my walls. Because they are still bare and sad and I don't like the walls. Photos or pictures or postcards or poems or whatever. It's all good. Internet sending is fine. (What else is the printer for?)

4. Fabric badges to put on my camp blanket. Anything is welcome, really. I guess something local to you would be nice. I also collect Guide/Scout/etc. Unit name-tapes, so if you've one going spare, that would be cool. I have some to send back, should you so wish.

5. Books in German. Because I want to improve my terrible terrible language skills. Not exactly looking to read War and Peace, so short or, particularly, children's stories would be excellent.

6. Lead pencils. Because I seem to get through them at a rate of knots. (Not too fussed, tbh, but I prefer not too hard a lead.)

7. Recommend me a book/poem/piece of music/etc. which you think I (/everyone in existance) ought to read/hear.

8. Fun plasters/band-aids. Being ridiculously accident-prone, I have managed to use up all my nice ones. And there is a pitifully poor choice outside of tan ones around here.

9. Nerdy Classics-related stuff. You name it, I'll probably love it. The ridiculous/humourous as well as the serious and useful. :P

10. As everyone seems to be having such a rubbish time of it, for them all to not hurt and to be a little bit more okay and to enjoy, at least, the holiday season without having a head full of yuck and worry. Because that would be amazing, and just what could be done with right now.

Message/e-mail me for address/whatever. My e-mail is ejcod[at]hotmail.com. And please link me to your own list, and I'll see what I can do. :)
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I saw some cool Band-Aids while I shopping the other day...tattoo print ones, and smilies, and pirate ones...along with "boring" ordinary ones with the Wiggles and the like on them.

I can send you some of them...though my mailing packages overseas budget is kinda blown at the moment I CAN mail after Christmas if that's okay?

My email for your address details is katewoolard at hotmail.com
Book recommendation: Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

Music recommendation(s): Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No.2 in C minor, op.18 1st mov, performed by Andrei Gavrilov and Ricardo Muti; Stella Quintet's Crescendo (Tsukimori to Tsuchiura Niyoru Violin & Piano Version) from La Corda d'Oro; Mitsumune Shinkichi's Bara Otome no Unmei and Otome no Ishi from Rozen Maiden: Piano Sound Album; UbiQuinta's Yume no Kakera from Rozen Maiden String Sound Album.

(I could go on forever. :3)

My wishlist.
I can send you a couple of Girl Scout patches-- I'm a Girl Scout volunteer and picked up a few patches at the Council store recently for holiday_wishes folks. :)

Would you mind sending me your address?

snoopdawg at livejournal.com

EDIT to add: Song rec: Ben Folds Five, "Magic". One of my all time faves. <3

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Thanks, that's really kind of you. :)

And I love the song! Also, your icon. It is brilliant. XD
OMG yours is adorable, too! Girl Scouts/Guides FTW!

I just got your email and will be packaging up your goodies shortly. :)