Short list this year

o1. Paid time for my account, as it's expiring.
o2. Paid userpics for my account, for the same reason. :)
o3. People to donate to Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue. They're one of the few rescues in the entire country devoted to rescuing draft horses (and despite slaughter being banned in the U.S. horses are still shipped every day over the border to plants in Canada and Mexico and drafts are particularly prized for their size). Even just $5 can buy a bale of hay.
o4. Horse treats. (lots of horses at the rescue to spoil. And my own horse, too.) Even if those treats are just really big bags of peppermints. :)
o5. Dog treats, especially small ones to use with clicker training. (Inari says thank you.)

And that's really it. Anything else would likely be just fluff.

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I can make a donation to Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue. What a wonderful place. People tend to forget that other animals need rescuing as well. Everyone rescues the dogs and kitties of the world but what about the other four legged friends.

I will glady make a donation. Thank you for the site.

Sadly, I can't afford to buy you a LJ account. But I do have few 10$ LJ coupons left (more info about them here), and I could send you one if that would help?
Actually, a friend has already sent me a coupon, I just haven't had the opportunity to use it yet. :)