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This is my first time posting under this username, but I've been here before as ladybrighid3333. Usually I go for less extravagant things... but this year, i'm making some different requests.

1. email penpals (I want to get better at keeping up with my emails!)
2. networking/more friends - my sns on alternate sites are on my LJ profile, if you're curious.
3.encouragement to follow my dreams and be healthy one step at a time
4. an inspirational quote (or author) related to the above request
5. Anything from on My Amazon Universal Wishlist .
6. pipe dream - a collector doll of some kind

email me at dreamwriteremmy@massachusetts.usa.com for my address with the subject line "Holiday wishes" please. :)
uh... this has a wide range -- from older generation vinyl and cloth dolls [like cabbage patch, raggedy ann, suppose even though I'm not as fond of Barbie that she goes in that category too] to art dolls to porcelain dolls and BJDs...
I have a doll that you may or may not be interested in, I can e-mail you a picture if you'd like?

If so e-mail me >> snookielove @ ymail.com
One quote that I have used when I've gone through hard times, and it's helped a lot is- "For those with wings, fly to your dreams!"
I have seen you around LJ and noticed we are in similar groups (with a broad spectrum too). So with that in mind, I wouldn't mind adding you as a friend.
I'm going to add, if ok? We seem to have common interests and stuff - plus always on the lookout for more queerpluralselfinjuringpaganandstuff friends...