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Hello there - Hope everyone is having a beautiful holiday so far. I'm Mary in California and here are some of my wishes :)

1. journals/notebooks
2. stuffed Nemo fishy/book (for my niece)
3. The Life Aquatic DVD
4. Any cookbooks you have! Especially cookies or ethnic in nature
5. Any books on the occult (especially stuff written by or about Anton Lavey)
6. books by Jules Vernes
7. old aprons (old but not super stained)
8. old (but cool) t-shirts (My sister makes the cutest baby dresses out of old shirts)
9. a GIANT stuffed gorilla! (for my nephew who is currently obsessed with King Kong)
10. Aaand Peace on earth :)
Can you email me your postal address, I have a cute little cookbook I got with a magazine the other day for entertaining I will post you if you like?

po.box177@gmail.com - but please remind me what I promised you, I'm off granting a few wishes and don't want to send the wrong things to the wrong people.
If you drop me a line with your address over at misuranATyahoo.com, I might be able to send you a little something.

Er, is your DVD-player region-free?